National Bank Financials Straus: Top ETF picks

Daniel Straus, Head of ETF Research & Strategy, National Bank Financial FOCUS: ETFs _______________________________________________________________ MARKET OUTLOOK: With the ever-growing number and variety of ETFs in the Canadian marketplace, not to mention the U.S., investors have unprecedented power and freedom to create low cost, efficient, and diverse portfolios with exposure to nearly every asset class under the sun. As of May 2016, there were 450 ETFs in Canada and over 1,900 ETFs in the Read more [...]

Some Ways to Play the SBUX Earnings Announcement

In the few weeks before a company makes its quarterly earnings announcement, option prices make some predictable changes and the stock usually edges up in advance of the announcement. There are several ways you can take advantage of these changes to pick up some nice trading profits using stock options. Today I would like to share some trades I placed today on Starbucks (SBUX). Terry Some Ways to Play the SBUX Earnings Announcement SBUX is slated to announce earnings on April 21st. Implied Volatility Read more [...]

TV Recap: Veep Season 5 Premiere

Written by Christopher Diggins Veep Season 5 Premiere Plot Summary: After an unprecedented electoral tie, Selina (Julia Louis-Drefyus) is delighted to discover that a recount in Nevada could keep her in the White House without a House vote. Amy (Anna Chlumsky) feels unsure of her place in the Meyer administration while other staffers are experiencing a shake-up. Generally speaking, a high-profile showrunner leaving a show is rarely a good sign. Not everything is a Community-level disaster that Read more [...]

Assessing Portfolio Performance: Choose Your Benchmarks Wisely

Click Ad for Details Duane J. SilbernagelFinancial AdvisorWaddell & Reed Assessing Portfolio Performance: Choose Your Benchmarks Wisely By: Duane J. Silbernagel Sponsored Content You can’t help but hear about the frequent ups and downs of the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500 index. The performance of both major indexes is widely reported and analyzed in detail by financial news outlets around the nation. Like the Dow, the S&P 500 tracks the stocks of large domestic companies. Read more [...]

3 Stocks I Saw on TV: JCP, HPE, AMBA (March 4, 2016)

<!--VIDEOPOSTER --> JCP HPE AMBA  Every day we watch the same shows on CNBC, Fast Money, Mad Money, Opening Bell, Closing Bell, Squawk on the Street, Power Lunch, Fast Money Halftime Report, you name it. You get a ton of tickers, it’s hard to sift through them all. Here are 3 stocks that I saw on TV that I think we can make some money on, or at least not lose some money. First of all JC Penney ( NYSE:JCP ). This stock is up over 30 percent since this breakout here; a very short period Read more [...]

Most Entrepreneurs Make This Investing Mistake

Forbes article by Garrett Gunderson Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for opportunity. So when a “hot investment” opportunity comes along, it’s hard to resist. Believe me, I’ve been there. But I’ve found that these investment opportunities, no matter how tempting, are merely expensive distractions. They’re expensive for two reasons: One, you’re more likely to lose money when you’re investing outside of your expertise. And two, your time, money and energy are spent on the Read more [...]

Targa Resources Corp

Targa Resources is a midstream energy corporation and is one of the largest providers of natural gas and natural gas liquids in the US. Their operations are based largely along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast and their headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Targa Resources Corp owns the general and limited partner interests, including incentive distribution rights ("IDRs"), in Targa Resources Partners, a publicly traded limited partnership that's a leading provider of midstream natural Read more [...]