Brexit and Ueexit

Roberto Savio, is founder and president emeritus of the Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency and publisher of Other News. By Roberto SavioROME, Jun 25 2016 (IPS)The Europeans went to bed Thursday night, with exit polls giving a comfortable margin of victory for those who wanted to Remain. The following morning they awakened to find that the real result was the opposite. Roberto SavioSpecialists in polling say that this happens when electors do not feel comfortable to say how they will rally voters Read more [...]

Senate to Vote on Gun Control, Prospects Dim for Change

WASHINGTON—Democrats get their long-sought votes on gun control a week after the massacre in Orlando, Florida, but election-year politics and the powerful National Rifle Association dim any prospects for changes in the nation’s laws. The Senate will vote Monday night on four measures — two sponsored by Republicans, two by Democrats. All are expected to fail in a bitterly divided Congress. Gun control remains at a stalemate as few lawmakers are willing to challenge the NRA and no mass shooting Read more [...]

Donald Trump Is Not a Conservative, But

In an article published yesterday, Victor Davis Hanson agues that “Politics, Not Personalities, Will Likely Determine the Presidential Election” and advances several important policy distinctions between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I believe these distinctions are real, important, and can help guide conservative voters to use politics (logic) more than personalities (emotion) in making a difficult decision in this crucial election. In several recent Ricochet threads, many members have Read more [...]

Let the River Run! Gather at the River Convo

Get the full scripts below! I am honored, for many years, to have been a part of the effort in the United Methodist Church to make sure all persons have access to full participation and leadership in the church. This week over 700 people are “gathering at the river” in San Antonio to proclaim that the river of love and justice that flows from the throne of God is indeed carving a new path, changing the banks of the church and this world into amore hospitable place. I get to collaborate with Read more [...]

Hillary Clinton signed off on drone assassinations, emails reveal

(PATRICK MARTIN)  In his online endorsement of Hillary Clinton to succeed him in the White House, President Obama declared that she was more qualified than any previous candidate for the presidency. A report Friday in the Wall Street Journal indicates that these “qualifications” include personal participation in approving drone-missile assassinations. Clinton’s role in the chain of command leading to the incineration of thousands of people in Pakistan, most of them innocent civilians, is Read more [...]

No, Judge Curiel Has Not Demonstrated Bias Against Donald Trump In His Rulings

At the heart of the latest controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s complaints about Federal District Court Judge Gonazlo Curiel is the claim that, because of Trump’s position on issues such as immigration, Judge Curiel, who is of Mexican-American heritage to the extent that his parents were born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States, has demonstrated bias against Trump in his rulings due to Curiel’s Mexican heritage and Trump’s position on immigration. To Trump’s mind, the fact Read more [...]

11 Takeaways From the 2016 Primary Season

Hillary Clinton embraced her place in history Tuesday as the first woman to become the presidential nominee of a major political party. Hillary Clinton survived a grinding campaign against an unlikely opponent to clinch a historic victory. Donald Trump broke every rule in politics and blew out his competition. The wild 2016 primary season smashed expectations. Populism soared, the establishment took a beating and outsiders captivated the public. Here are 11 takeaways: 1. Clinton makes history For Read more [...]