Workers respond to McDonald’s pay increase: we fight on

Workers in 90% of stores owned by franchisees are not covered by new policyMcDonald’s workers press demand for $ 15 an hour and right to form unionMcDonald’s workers who are struggling to make ends meet have vowed to keep fighting for $ 15-an-hour pay and the right to form a union without retaliation, saying that the incremental rise will not help them pay their bills, stay off public assistance and out of poverty.The fast-food giant announced it will raise the pay of 90,000 of its US employees Read more [...]

McDonald’s to Raise U.S. Workers’ Hourly Wage to $10 By End of 2016

While fast-food workers across the country plan protests over their wages later this month, employees at McDonald’s-owned restaurants can expect pay hikes starting this summer. The fast-food giant will raise the average hourly rate for workers at the U.S. restaurants it owns to $ 9.90 from $ 9.01 starting July 1, while those wages will climb to $ 10 per hour by the end of 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The company will also allow those employees to earn up to five days Read more [...]

Microsoft to require suppliers to provide paid leave to workers

The software giant said that paid leave is an important benefit for workersSuppliers that do business with Microsoft in the US will have to provide employees handling the company’s work with at least 15 days of paid leave each year, Microsoft announced on Thursday.“We believe paid time off is an important benefit for workers in our economy,” Brad Smith, general counsel and executive president of legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft, wrote in a blogpost announcing the new initiative. Related: Read more [...]

NYPD limits use of condoms seized from sex workers as evidence

Condoms no longer will be seized from sex workers for use as evidence in prostitution cases, police announced Monday in a move that officials say should help prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among people at high risk of infection. The policy change is the…
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Supreme Court may boost free-speech protections for public workers

Justices seem likely to rule that a government employee who testifies about corruption cannot be fired. First they'd have to revisit a 2006 ruling limiting those rights.WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday sounded ready to rule that a public employee who testifies about corruption in his government department cannot be fired for revealing the truth. Nation - Read more [...]

Amazon offers workers $2,000 to quit, but the incentive is nothing like Zappos’

An Amazon warehouse under construction. bloodymonday Amazon has instituted a new program where it offers its own employees thousands of dollars to leave the company. But it doesn't want them to take the money. According to CEO Jeff Bezos, the offer is a tactic to ensure the company's employees want to work there, but his program differs significantly from the Zappos one it's compared to. In a letter to shareholders issued Thursday, Bezos said that the program is inspired by the Amazon-owned Read more [...]

Three former NSA workers accused of aiding Snowden

One of the three, a civilian who has since resigned, admitted allowing Edward Snowden to use his computer ID to gain access to classified data, an NSA memo to Congress says. WASHINGTON — Three people at the National Security Agency have been implicated in Edward Snowden's efforts to copy classified material, including a civilian employee who resigned last month after acknowledging he allowed Snowden to use his computer ID, according to an NSA memo sent to Congress. Nation - Read more [...]