A senior eurozone figure says it’s ‘impossible’ to work with Greece and they’ll miss their deadline for a deal

Greece's bailout negotiations resume again today, and the outlook is no better. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany's biggest newspapers, a senior eurozone official told them that it is "simply impossible" to work with the Greek government.  According to the report the mood in Europe's institutions is between "frustration and resignation," and the official suggests that there will be no deal by the time European finance ministers meet for the Eurogroup Summit on April 24, Read more [...]

Lark Voorhies Blames “Intense Work Schedule” For Missing “Saved By the Bell” Skit on “The Tonight Show”

It’s easily the most-talked-about moment on television this week and Jimmy Fallon's “Tonight Show” reunion of the “Saved By the Bell” cast was nothing short of amazing. And while Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Dennis Haskins all made it for the gig, Lark Voorhies (she played Lisa Turtle) was nowhere to be found. Ms. Voorhies’ spokesperson told E! News, "Lark would have loved to be part of the Jimmy Fallon skit (as she is a big fan of the Read more [...]

Why Restaurant Nutrition Labels Won’t Work

The FDA's new menu labeling rules will soon require restaurants and many other food-selling venues with more than 20 locations (think movie theaters, ice-cream shops, and grocery store delis), to post caloric information on menus. This decision comes despite a large body of research suggesting that such labeling will have only modest, if any, influence on purchasing and eating behavior. But why is that? Why do people who spend hours looking at labels in grocery stores ignore nutrition information Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: What Are My Social Security and Medicare Options if I Work Past 66?

Today’s question asks, when continuing to work past full retirement age, what Social Security and Medicare options are available. The answer explains why signing up for Medicare earlier rather than later might be beneficial and then notes that the earnings test is not applied after full retirement age. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Dania Ramirez Talks Work After Twins in Holiday 2014 Issue of Glam Belleza Latina

She’s one of the hottest Latina actresses in the game and Dania Ramirez is featured in the 2014 Holiday issue of Glam Belleza Latina magazine. The “Devious Maids” dame discussed her transition back to work after giving birth to her twin babies- “I began working again about two and a half weeks after I had them. Devious Maids went back to filming sooner than planned. When I got the news, I was in the hospital just crying, overwhelmed. But now I think it was really good for me. I didn’t Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: Can I Work Many Short Jobs and Avoid the Effects of the Earnings Test?

Today’s question asks if it’s possible to repeatedly apply for and suspend benefits after exceeding the maximum income allowable under the Earnings Test. The answer covers when it’s possible to suspend receipt of benefits, explains the adjustment of the reduction factor, and reviews the long-lasting effects of filing early. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Index Funds Work Better Together

“Buy an index fund, and then go to sleep for 50 years.” Sound advice in many ways. But is it the best plan to buy just a U.S. broad stock fund? What about bonds or emerging markets? Owning the S&P 500 and only that index is indeed a powerful way to invest. Over […]
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