‘Silicon Valley’ star and controversial Crunchies host T.J. Miller a no-show at season two premiere

SAN FRANCISCO — Where was Erlich? Many of Silicon Valley’s elite turned out out for Wednesday night’s premiere of season two of HBO’s satirical tech-industry comedy, “Silicon Valley.” And while almost the entire cast was on hand to help promote the show, one actor was very conspicuously missing: T.J. Miller, who sparked controversy in February with a performance as host of the Crunchies that some saw as misogynistic. Miller plays Erlich, the iconoclastic co-founder of Pied Piper, Read more [...]

Jury Clears Silicon Valley Firm of Most Claims in Sex Bias Suit

A jury cleared venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins of three of four claims in a gender discrimination lawsuit by former employee Ellen Pao following a trial that has put a harsh light on the skewed demographics in Silicon Valley. After three days of deliberations, the jury rejected allegations that Kleiner Perkins passed Pao over for a promotion and then fired her because of her gender. It also cleared the firm of a claim by Pao that it retaliated against her. But the judge ordered the jury to return Read more [...]

An afternoon at SAP’s latest Silicon Valley venture: A coffee shop

PALO ALTO, Calif.—After making a visit to Delphi's Silicon Valley garage this week, I decided to indulge in the Valley's second favorite thing (after throwing lots of tech at a problem): coffee. Luckily, I'd read earlier that a new coffee shop would be opening in downtown Palo Alto—a coffee shop  run by the German software company SAP. "Wait, what?" is everyone's first question. "Why is Oracle's biggest competitor now throwing its weight behind java?" “Our hope is HanaHaus will become a Read more [...]

Facebook-funded Silicon Valley police station, with free Wi-Fi, opens

Cyrus Farivar MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA—On Saturday, in the presence of local dignitaries, the local police department opened up a new substation in the neighborhood of Belle Haven, just a short block down the street from Facebook’s massive corporate headquarters. This is no ordinary police station. Its renovation, rent, and one officer’s salary have been substantially paid for by Facebook, to the tune of $ 600,000 over the next two years. This wealthy Silicon Read more [...]

Congress in middle of Hollywood copyright clash with Silicon Valley

As Congress works to update the nation's copyright law, film studios struggle not to get outmaneuvered by tech firms and their allies.WASHINGTON — The fight began as a lawsuit between two bloggers over a rude hand gesture, but when lawyers representing two of California's signature industries showed up in federal court in Boston, it became part of a growing battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over the rules governing how and where creative works can be used. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Ultra runners frustrated by Badwater race’s move away from Death Valley

Athletes lament the relocation of 'the toughest foot race in the world' pending a safety review by the National Park Service. For 27 straight summers, all that stood between runners and completion of the Badwater Ultramarathon was 135 miles of asphalt, a 13,000-foot elevation gain and late July temperatures that soared to 120 degrees and above. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]