Netflix Just Totally Owned Apple Watch Fanboys

Netflix has “unveiled” a new, brick-sized wrist watch that “isn’t THAT inconvenient” for watching movies and shows from your wrist. The mock advertisement was conveniently timed to poke fun at the Apple Watch, which kicked off with a rush of pre-orders on Friday. But with high demand pushing wait times for the device well into the summer, it looks like Apple will have the last laugh. TIME Read more [...]

Purism Librem 15 Linux laptop blends high-end hardware with totally free software

We don’t normally cover crowdfunding campaigns on PCWorld, but sometimes one comes along that’s just begging for a deeper look. The Purism Librem 15 notebook is one of those. Purism, which launched a drive on Crowd Supply on Wednesday, is seeking at least $ 250,000 to make a high-end Linux laptop that only runs free, or open-source, software. This means no annoying closed-source drivers —or ... Hardware - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]