Testing of software adds to urgency in race for driverless cars

In the race to build a self-driving car, German automakers are hitting a road block in their efforts to test vehicles so complex they need more than 10 times the amount of software found in a fighter jet. German laws currently place limits on testing on public roads. Automakers fear this is allowing U.S. competitor Google to pull ahead in developing software, specifically progammes that will ... Software - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]

Testing News Item

Release date: January 24, 2014 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras ac iaculis libero. Pellentesque tempor vestibulum dui vitae pretium. Phasellus nunc velit, volutpat at justo varius, consectetur molestie mauris. Cras eu dolor eu ipsum fringilla molestie. Nulla vitae magna purus. Pellentesque vehicula id nunc eget viverra. Proin lobortis, leo nec sagittis pharetra, sem sem gravida enim, non sollicitudin arcu diam vel justo. Duis Read more [...]

Ford testing plug-in hybrid that charges via rooftop solar panels

Not shown: the giant lens that makes this all worthwhile. Ford The efficiency of solar panels and electric drivetrains has reached the point where the Sun can easily send cars across Australia. But fully solar-powered vehicles involve a lot of compromises in terms of performance, carrying capacity, and driver comfort. Such vehicles are not something you could use for your daily commute, while commuter cars simply don't have enough surface area to host the panels it would take to run them. Read more [...]