First Sundance ShortsLab: Honolulu—fostering talent and building community

“A film set is a rolling ball of chaos and imminent failure,” said visiting filmmaker Andrew Okpeaha MacLean at the first Sundance ShortsLab: Honolulu, held at the museum’s Doris Duke Theatre March 21 and 22. His reality check on the nitty gritty of making a film during his session about going from short film to feature got a laugh out of the full house. Insider insight like that had aspiring and veteran filmmakers alike talking and Instagramming about how the milestone program inspired them. Read more [...]

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Partners With Social Mobility Foundation on City Talent Initiative

Dateline City: London Helping Society by Thinking Strategically for the Future Bank of America Merrill Lynch is proud to announce its participation in the Social Mobility Foundation’s City Talent Initiative. With cross-party support from the Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP, Mark Field MP and Baroness Kramer, the initiative encourages high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds Read more [...]

Verizon’s Chief Talent and Diversity Officer Discusses What It Takes to Become a Successful Leader

Ever wonder what it takes to ascend the company ranks and become a strong, effective leader?  Magda Yrizarry, Verizon’s chief talent and diversity officer, works every day to identify and develop leaders, and took time this week to share her thoughts on leadership and career growth during Proud to be Latina’s EmPower Hour. Proud to be Latina is a personal and professional development network that educates, empowers and encourages Latinas to rise to their full potential. On a conference call Read more [...]