Kobe Bryant Defends Russell Westbrook from Haters After OKC Star Takes 43 Shots

After Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook nearly put up another triple-double Sunday with 54 points, eight assists and nine rebounds, there was only one number some people cared about:Forty-three.Westbrook took 43 shots during Sunday's game against the Indiana Pacers.Forget the fact that Westbrook shot nearly 50 percent from the floor, making 21 of his field-goal attempts. The fact that he took 43 shots seems to overshadow his overall numbers for some people.After seeing some of the criticism, Read more [...]

Lane Bryant Takes a Swipe at Victoria’s Secret in New Lingerie Ad

Last year, Victoria’s Secret was slammed for an ad campaign that touted one very specific body type as the “Perfect Body.” Victoria's Secret under fire for "The Perfect 'Body'" ad campaign http://t.co/FNai3x7NlJ pic.twitter.com/SnTfB48sRW — Hayley Peterson (@hcpeterson) October 31, 2014 The lingerie company quietly changed its ad after more than 30,000 people signed a petition asking the underwear brand to apologize for its “body shaming” Read more [...]

Jerome Taylor Takes Breathtaking Catch for West Indies vs. South Africa

Jerome Taylor wowed the Cricket World Cup crowd in Sydney with a stunning one-handed catch on the boundary. WHAT A CATCH! Jerome Taylor you superstar! http://t.co/I7iaUg3DiC #SAvWI #CWC15 pic.twitter.com/yxhSGT73s0 — FOX SPORTS Cricket (@FOXCricketLive) February 27, 2015 The West Indies bowlers were taking a pounding from South Africa and needed something a bit special to keep them in the game. Step forward Taylor. David Miller climbed into a full ball from Andre Russell and launched it toward Read more [...]

For Its Next Act, GoPro Takes Over the World

The little white drone zips low over the water through the back of a hundred-foot natural arch, jogs right, out of sight, and is gone. Andy Casagrande, a 36-year-old underwater cameraman best known for attaching GoPro cameras to the dorsal fins of great white sharks, is standing in the back of a 24-foot twin-engine dive boat among the 300-foot rhyolite sea stacks of New Zealand’s Poor Knights Islands, an extinct volcano rim and one of the world’s great diving destinations. In his hands Read more [...]

PayPal Co-Founder Takes Aim at Credit Card Industry With New Lending App

The most miserable year of Max Levchin’s life began in 2002, shortly after he sold off his ownership stake in PayPal to eBay for an estimated $ 34 million. “At the time, I had a fascination with the color yellow,” Levchin told TIME. He would arrive to work in a yellow car, wearing a yellow jumpsuit and hole up in his executive suite, blending in with the all-yellow office paraphernalia. His former direct reports, who numbered in the hundreds, shuffled past the door, “staring Read more [...]

Maya Gabeira Takes a Breath

The morning shakes with a dull and constant roar. Clad in a wetsuit and inflatable life vest, Maya Gabeira turns the throttle on her jet ski and motors out of the Portuguese harbor of Nazaré. The sun is just rising over the red tile roofs on shore. Riding alongside her is Carlos Burle, her big-wave-surfing mentor and tow-in partner of eight years. Two fellow surfers are on board with them: Felipe “Gordo” Cesarano is sitting behind Burle, and Pedro “Scooby” Viana is Read more [...]

An Unprecedented Gathering of Scholars Takes on the Lane Collection

Last week three of Asia’s top art scholars quarantined themselves inside the museum’s vault that holds the Richard Lane Collection. Working with the museum’s own Asian art curators, they pored over the first few of thousands of paintings in the collection. Their focus on the works was so intense that the only way to get them to take a lunch break was to shut off the vault lights. Their mission: Analyze 3,000 East Asian paintings, to determine their origins, artists, and need for conservation. Read more [...]