Social Security Q&A: Does Length of Marriage Determine Multiple Exes’ Benefits?

Today's question asks if multiple exes can claim on one worker's record and whether the length of each of the marriages would determine each ex's benefit. The answer reviews eligibility of multiple exes based on a single record as well as whether an individual can claim based on more than one ex's record. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: Shouldn’t I Take Spousal At 66 And Retirement At 70?

Today's question asks if it is in fact best to delay filing for retirement benefits till 70 after taking spousal benefits at full retirement age if a spouse had to file for retirement benefits early. The answer comments on this strategy and raises another possible strategy to maximize lifetime household benefits. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Bank of America and Social Finance Inc. Study Reveals Potential to Expand Services for Military Veterans Through Innovative Pay for Success Programs

Dateline City: NEW YORK New Research Identifies Opportunities to Increase Funding and Collaboration to Scale Effective Services That Measurably Improve the Lives of Veterans and Their Families Bank of America today announced the results of a first-of-its-kind study exploring opportunities to use pay-for-success (PFS) programs and other Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: What Are Our Options if We Want to Retire Now at 62 and 66?

Today’s question asks if it's possible to maximize benefits when filing claims at agree 62 and 66. The answer explores the possibility of claiming some benefits now while delaying others if there are no pressing cash constraints making it impossible to do so, with the payoff of higher total lifetime household benefits. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: What Are My Social Security and Medicare Options if I Work Past 66?

Today’s question asks, when continuing to work past full retirement age, what Social Security and Medicare options are available. The answer explains why signing up for Medicare earlier rather than later might be beneficial and then notes that the earnings test is not applied after full retirement age. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: Will Court-Ordered Payments from My Ex Reduce My Benefits?

Today’s question asks if payments from an ex-spouse ordered by a court will reduce Social Security benefits. The answer reviews the effect of the court-ordered payments on retirement benefits based on the questioner's own record as well as on spousal and survivor benefits based on the ex's record. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Greek unemployment could cause ‘social crisis’ – business live

All the latest business and economics news, as the International Labour Organisation issues a new report on the Greek jobless crisis.Latest: ILO demands new strategy to fight Greek unemploymentEarlier: German business climate improvesGlobal business confidence hits five-year low since 2009Spanish 10-year yields hit record low below 2% Continue reading... Business | The Guardian Read more [...]