Verizon’s new “Custom TV” is small step toward a la carte pricing

The dreaded pay-TV bundles that result in US homes watching only about 10 percent of the channels they pay for aren't going away any time soon, but Verizon's FiOS TV service is taking a small step in the right direction. Starting Sunday, new and existing FiOS customers will be able to choose from new "Custom TV" bundles that offer more flexibility and could (depending on one's interests) save subscribers a bit of money. Read more [...]

Small Business Owners Show Significant Increase in Economic Optimism

Dateline City: CHARLOTTE, N.C. Bank of America/CFI Group Small Business Forecast Finds More Confidence About Growth Potential, Though Many Still Taking Modest Approach to Hiring and Investing Small business owners handed out significantly higher scores when asked about the health of the economy and their potential for economic growth Read more [...]

Australia Right to Drop Shane Watson, but Their Margin for Error Is Now Small

Crunch time. That's how Shane Watson labelled it.  "It's crunch time for me to score runs in general," the Australian said during the build-up to his team's clash with New Zealand in Auckland, per the Sydney Morning Herald.  "It's important for me to score runs anytime. It's up to the selectors in the end, whether they see fit for me to play," he added, when asked about the pressure on his place in the side. Watson's response with the bat at Eden Park? An ever so frustrating 23—the Read more [...]

Let’s Get Small: The Rise of Artisanal TV Comedy

On Feb. 15, Saturday Night Live marks its 40th anniversary. What is there to say about the show that wasn’t true on its 25th, that won’t be on its 50th, 100th, or whatever numbering system will be used by the sentient cockroaches who take over civilization and SNL? That it’s a TV legend. That’s it’s shaped decades of American comedy. And that it isn’t what it used to be. Of course, people have been saying that SNL isn’t what it used to be since, oh, 1976. Read more [...]

Small Business Owners Hesitant to Hire and Invest in Their Business in Short Term

Dateline City: CHARLOTTE, N.C. Inaugural Bank of America/CFI Group Small Business Forecast Reveals Tepid Faith in the U.S. Economy in the Short Term, but Predicts Long-term Optimism Small business owners are hesitant to hire and invest in their business in the near-term, yet continue to be optimistic about the long-term future of Read more [...]

David Beckham Reveals How He Won Over Victoria Beckham: I Used My Small Swim Trunks!

Leading the summer short swim trunks trend, David Beckham launched a new line of swimwear for H&M. The former soccer player chatted with GQ about the campaign. "Funnily enough, I've always tended to go for the tighter, smaller trunks. I don't know why. But it really depends what mood I'm in—sometimes I wear ridiculously baggy shorts that you've not going to get a tan in. It's down to my mood and the beach I'm on—or what age I am, of course!" Further on in the interview Beckham reveals Read more [...]

How to Make a Compost Pile in a Small Apartment

Being eco-friendly in your apartment isn't as hard as you may think. You can change small features to decrease your energy consumption, recycle your cans, plastic bottles and glass, and you can compost. If you've never created a compost pile before, you may not be sure how to start one in [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]