Social Security Q&A: Shouldn’t I Take Spousal At 66 And Retirement At 70?

Today's question asks if it is in fact best to delay filing for retirement benefits till 70 after taking spousal benefits at full retirement age if a spouse had to file for retirement benefits early. The answer comments on this strategy and raises another possible strategy to maximize lifetime household benefits. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Pack Rafts You Shouldn’t Hike Without

Once upon a time, planning an outdoor venture meant you had to make a simple choice up front: land or water? Now the wet/dry divide is starting to crumble, thanks to recent advances in lightweight pack rafts. Small enough (in theory) to fit in a backpack, but tough enough to ferry you and your gear across a lake or down a mellow river, these one-person inflatables are opening up new horizons in the backcountry. But is adding a float option to your next backpacking itinerary worth the added space Read more [...]

Investors Diss Twitter, But Career Climbers Shouldn’t

As if we needed one more reminder that popularity as a social media site doesn't guaranty runaway financial success, Twitter stock swooned today. Shares dropped by 13% in afternoon trading after the company, which went public in November with much fanfare, reported weak growth in the fourth quarter and disappointing projections for 2014. The news gave no appearance of inhibiting late day tweets, though, about everything from New York City slush puddles to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Nor will Read more [...]

Juan Pablo Galavis Says There Shouldn’t Be a Gay Bachelor

Those who fail to learn from Duck Dynasty are doomed to repeat it. In an interview Friday night, ABC’s current Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, told The TV Page’s Sean Daly that it would be a bad idea to do a season of the show with a gay Bachelor. “I don’t think it’s a good example for kids,” he said, adding that the situation would be “confusing” and that gay people are “more pervert in a sense.” (You can listen to his whole answer here.) I’m going to assume most of us never Read more [...]