Brian Williams wanted to take over for Jay Leno on the ‘Tonight Show,’ but NBC said no

Suspended NBC News anchor Brian Williams wanted to switch to a career in late night television, according to an extensive profile on NBC's recent trouble by New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman. Sherman writes that Williams asked his bosses at NBC to take over Jay Leno's spot on the "Tonight Show" when Leno retired, but NBC's CEO Steve Burke denied the request. Later, Williams met with CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and asked to take over for David Letterman when Letterman retired from the "Late Show," but Read more [...]

The man who said no to free love: Paul VI heads towards sainthood

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Paul VI, the man who cracked down on free love during the 1960s and carried out sweeping changes to the Church, will be beatified on Sunday in his first step towards sainthood.Giovanni Battista Montini, a softly spoken cardinal from northern Italy, was elected pope in 1963 and held Saint Peter's chair for 15 years in a difficult period for the Roman Catholic Church, which saw many believers and priests up sticks as populist rebellions swept across the West.His papacy was Read more [...]

9 Outrageous Things CEOs Said And Later Regretted

Whenever you hear or read anything from a CEO, chances are that it went through many stages of filtering to match a specific message. Companies spend lots of money to train their executives how to deal with the media and what not to say in public. But sometimes, on stage or on social media, these execs go too far off script, sending their PR teams scrambling to craft a response to the backlash.  We compiled a list of the most infamous CEO gaffes and the apologies they issued after telling us Read more [...]

Ft. Hood shooter said to have been furious before rampage

The Army had rejected Ft. Hood shooter Ivan Lopez's requests for additional time off to deal with family issues. When Army Spc. Ivan Lopez went on the shooting rampage Wednesday at Ft. Hood, Texas, killing three soldiers and injuring 16 others, he had just learned that superiors in Washington had rejected his request to take a temporary leave to deal with family matters related to his mother's death, a federal law enforcement official said. Nation - Read more [...]