Obama answers immigration ruling with vow to fight courts and Congress

The Obama administration promised Tuesday to fight against opposition from both the courts and Congress to keep in place its expansive new programs to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, a key piece of the president’s effort to shape his legacy in his final years in office.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

“Unconstitutional” Pension Reform Ruling Places Illinois In Fiscal Straightjacket

On Friday afternoon, Judge Jon Belz of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Sangamon county Illinois declared unconstitutional the pension reform that was signed into law in December 2013 (click here to read entire ruling).  If left to stand by the Illinois Supreme Court, this decision will place the State [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Domestic violence ruling may help thousands of immigrants get asylum

Heidy fled her native Honduras for the United States on the advice of police. There was nothing they could do, they told her, to protect her from her abusive husband, a drug trafficker who spat on her, raped her — the first time when she was 17 — and threatened her at gunpoint.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Mixed Supreme Court ruling on damages for child porn victims

An abuse victim may seek damages from every person who downloaded illegal images, but a single defendant may not be forced to pay the entire amount, the Supreme Court rules. WASHINGTON — Victims of child pornography whose images of sexual abuse have circulated on the Internet may demand compensation from every person caught downloading and possessing the illegal images, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Supreme Court ruling may be windfall for political party leaders

The Supreme Court ruling ending $ 123,200 limits in congressional races will allow party leaders to raise huge amounts of money, turning the tables on single-issue PACs, observers say. WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's decision to lift the cap on the amount donors can contribute in a congressional election cycle promises to shift power to the political party's established leaders, who had lost ground to outside groups. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Ruling against Texas’ gay marriage ban may set up Supreme Court fight

A federal judge rejects Texas' ban on gay marriage. The latest ruling in a conservative state may move the issue closer to the Supreme Court. HOUSTON — A federal judge in deeply conservative Texas overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage Wednesday, saying the prohibition is unconstitutional and stigmatizes gay couples, a ruling that gay rights advocates say adds significant momentum to their push for the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Supreme Court ruling expands police authority in home searches

The Supreme Court decision, based on a Los Angeles case, says officers may search a residence without a warrant as long as one occupant consents. WASHINGTON — Police officers may enter and search a home without a warrant as long as one occupant consents, even if another resident has previously objected, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a Los Angeles case. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]