The Single Most Obnoxious Retirement Fund Fee: How To Dump It

Necessary investment fees drive me nuts. They basically take money out of your pocket and enrich a broker or middleman and eat into your returns. That's why I hate 12b-1 fees, which are hungry little gremlins that silently devour your retirement savings. Although you've probably never heard of these charges, they basically [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Merrill Lynch Expands Capabilities to Help Clients Prepare for and Live Their Best Life in Retirement

Dateline City: NEW YORK Merrill Lynch Clear® Enhancements Across Seven Life Priorities Help Explore Opportunities and Challenges, and Achieve Goals Merrill Lynch today announced a series of enhancements to Merrill Lynch Clear®, a pioneering approach that offers a more comprehensive way of helping people navigate to and throughout Read more [...]

Don’t Be A Retirement Saving ‘Dropout’

A new study points out a pretty scary statistic: Of middle-class kids who go to college, just 40% finish with a degree. If you’re a parent with young kids and saving for your own retirement, the reason why this happens matters to you. Think about it for a minute. Ten capable high-school graduates […]
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Social Security Q&A: Shouldn’t I Take Spousal At 66 And Retirement At 70?

Today's question asks if it is in fact best to delay filing for retirement benefits till 70 after taking spousal benefits at full retirement age if a spouse had to file for retirement benefits early. The answer comments on this strategy and raises another possible strategy to maximize lifetime household benefits. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Jim Boeheim Discusses Retirement, Syracuse Sanctions in Press Conference

Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim believes the sanctions placed on both the school and himself by the NCAA were overly harsh. He made the comments during a press conference in which he also talked about his retirement timeline.   The remarks come after John O'Brien of reported the university was planning to appeal some of the NCAA's findings. The investigation resulted in wide-ranging penalties, including the loss of scholarships, vacated wins and a suspension for Boeheim. Read more [...]

Retirement: 5 Ways Money Makes Money

Saving for retirement is hard work, especially starting out. It's no picnic to sock money away you might spend instead. But you have to do it, and the earlier the better. Getting started with retirement saving and investing is common sense, but the really important part is starting early. Why? Because time is money. [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Making Your Money Last In Retirement (Pt. 1)

Outliving your money is a huge worry for people in or thinking about retirement. How to avoid that fate is a specialty of AdviceIQ advisor Jeff Rose, the founder of Alliance Wealth Management in Carbondale, Ill. You retire and don’t even own an alarm clock anymore. Then it hits you: Can […]
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