Lance Armstrong Ordered To Repay $10 Million Of Prior Winnings: What Are The Tax Consequences?

Earlier today, disgraced cyclist and alleged horrible driver Lance Armstrong was ordered by a Texas arbitration panel to repay $ 10 million of the $ 15 million Armstrong previously received from Dallas-based insurance company SCA Promotions. Back in the early 2000's, when Armstrong was enjoying an EPO-fueled stranglehold over the rest of the EPO-fueled [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: Do I Have to Repay Benefits I’ve Received to Suspend Receipt at 66?

Today’s question asks if the Social Security office was correct when it said benefits must be repaid in order to suspend receipt at full retirement age so delayed retirement credits can be earned. The answer reviews the different requirements for suspending and for withdrawing, how benefits can be reduced and increased, and addresses whether it’s possible to voluntarily pay into Social Security Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]