Security officer Cyril Ruthenberg on his wild photographic recognition

In February, part-time security officer Cyril Ruthenberg received news that one of his photograph had placed in the top 50 best nature and wildlife photographs in the annual Sony World Photography Awards (open competition category)—out of 173,000 entries! While the museum staff is used to hearing about their co-workers talents, Cyril’s stunning shot of a yawning lion begs to be shared with everyone else. I caught up with Cyril during one of his patrols through the Western art wing of the museum. Read more [...]

China’s Recognition of Uighur Pens Will Eliminate Swords

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Despite a number of knife-wielding attackers slashing and killing several people at a train station in southwestern China, suspected of being Uighur Islamic separatists by Chinese authorities, China must do more to avoid further bloodshed. Since China has no plans of granting the Xinjiang region independent status, namely East Turkestan, it could start by recognizing Uighur pens. With a Muslim majority inhabiting this politically and militarily sensitive Read more [...]