Ellen Pao could take the stand today in her suit against Kleiner Perkins — here’s what she’ll probably talk about

Ellen Pao could take the stand as early as Thursday in her gender discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins, where she used to be a junior partner. Pao is seeking $ 16 million from Kleiner, alleging she was retaliated against after having an affair with another partner. She also claims Kleiner failed to prevent discrimination from occurring at the firm. Kleiner Perkins has denied Pao's allegations. Lynn Hermle, its lead attorney, has repeatedly emphasized that Pao didn't have the necessary skills Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: When Should I Claim If My Spouse Will Probably Outlive Me?

Social Security may be your largest or one of your largest assets. How you manage it, by deciding which benefits to collect and when, can make an absolutely huge difference to your lifetime benefits. And those with the highest past covered earnings have the most to gain from maximizing their [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

A Closer Look At The Soviet-Era Missile System Probably Used To Shoot Down MH17

There is overwhelming evidence that Malaysia airlines Flight MH 17, carrying 298 people, was shot down by SA-11 Buk surface-to-air antiaircraft missiles that were fired by the rebels — and supplied by the Russians. Even the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta admits the obvious: "There is practically no doubt that the aircraft was shot down by the separatists." U.S. President Barack Obama recently stated that “evidence indicates Read more [...]

You Probably Have No Idea What You Pay Your Financial Advisor In Fees, Here’s Why

Are you and your investment advisor (if you have one) making the absolutely best investment decisions? You’re not if you take fees, charges and expenses into account. Even if you can instantly describe the difference between GOOG and GOGIX (see the answer below), you may not fully realize how this [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Beware Of Phone Calls From IRS — Because It Probably Isn’t IRS On The Line

Recently I heard from four individuals who had been touched by IRS-related telephone scams.  The first was a panicking client who had received a call telling him he owed money and needed to respond immediately.  The caller was very convincing; he identified himself with an IRS employee number and the caller ID on my client’s phone showed 800 829-1040, that oft-quoted IRS toll free number.  The caller indicated he was calling from a San Francisco office familiar to my client as an IRS location.  Read more [...]

Jay Leno Says Goodbye to the Tonight Show, Probably for Real This Time

If people have noticed that Jay Leno‘s sendoff from the Tonight show has been extremely low-key, there is one explanation: it’s not his first one. Leno said goodbye to late-night in 2009, and if we knew it wasn’t for good even at the time–he was leaving to host a mini-Tonight Show at 10 p.m.–it was still a moving retrospective, with a serenade from James Taylor, and a classy thank-you to Jay’s staff in which he brought on stage all the children born to the crew over the years. There may Read more [...]

Judge says NSA phone data collection is probably unconstitutional

The decision validates critics of the National Security Agency's policy of gathering dialing records of all phone calls made in the U.S.WASHINGTON — A federal judge has for the first time ruled that the National Security Agency's once-secret policy of collecting the dialing records of all phone calls in the country probably violates the Constitution, a defeat for the government that could alter the political debate over the controversial program and set up an eventual review by the Supreme Read more [...]