Early consumption may prevent peanut allergy, new study suggests

(CNN)Parents who have children with food allergies know all too well about the headaches in keeping their lives "nut-free." But a new study suggests that peanut allergy can be prevented at a young age by embracing peanuts, not avoiding them. Eating peanut products as a baby significantly reduces the risk of developing the allergy by 80% in high-risk infants, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests. Peanuts are one of the leading causes of food allergy reaction and can be fatal. An Read more [...]

President Obama wants broad effort to prevent spread of extremist ideas

President Obama is expected to call Wednesday for a broader international effort to prevent alienated young people from taking up terrorist causes, as the White House looks to craft a message that will prevent so-called foreign fighters from flocking to the Islamic State, as well as homegrown…
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Mobile chips face lockdown to prevent hacks

Chip makers want to make hardware the first layer of defense against data breaches and other attacks on tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable, with more personal information, banking data, passwords and contacts residing on devices without any protection, said presenters at the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino, California, on Sunday. The NSA revelations ... Hardware - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]

Should Missouri inmate’s medical condition prevent execution?

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to consider on Wednesday the case of a condemned Missouri inmate whose execution was stayed overnight after his attorneys argued the state could not humanely kill him because of his chronic medical condition. Justice Samuel Alito issued an order late Tuesday... Nation - Los Angeles Times Read more [...]

CBOE reviews hardware, software to prevent trading glitches

CBOE Holdings Inc is examining hardware and software systems as it tries to prevent any repeat of the shutdowns and glitches that plagued U.S. financial exchanges last year, executives said on Tuesday. CBOE, owner of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, released details on its efforts after saying in November that it would take unspecified steps to "harden" its trading technology. "There is an ... Hardware - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]