National Geographic Launches Giftware Line with IF for Playing Cards and Book-Related Products

WASHINGTON (March 31, 2015)—National Geographic, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, has selected British product designer IF as an international giftware licensee under its National Geographic brand for bookmarks, playing cards and other book-related gifts. Under this multiyear agreement, National Geographic and IF have teamed up to produce a line of 3D bookmarks and picture playing cards that showcase National Geographic’s vast photographic archives. Read more [...]

IKEA: Please Stop Playing Hide-and-Seek in Our Stores

IKEA is a pretty fun place. But the Swedish furniture store — known for meatballs, ball pits and unpronounceable dressers — has taken a stand against irreverence by banning massive games of hide-and-seek in its Dutch stores, Bloomberg reports. And by massive, we mean 32,ooo people signed up for a Facebook event in Eindhoven; 19,000 in Amsterdam; and 12,000 in Utrecht. “It’s hard to control,” IKEA Group spokeswoman Martina Smedberg told Bloomberg. “We need to make Read more [...]

7 NBA Players Who Deserve More Playing Time in 2015

A new year means a fresh start. For a few underutilized NBA talents, a flip of the calendar should also bring more starts. Or at least more minutes. After the first two months of the 2014-15 campaign, we've seen enough to know which backups deserve more time on the floor and which newly minted starters have earned a permanent position in that first unit. In most cases, we're dealing with young players with potential who've taken a step forward this season—often ones stuck behind known Read more [...]

Playing Games at MoMA Studio: Won’t You Breathe with Me?

From left: Playing Polvo with Michel Groisman at MoMA Studio: Breathe with Me; Playing Sirva-Se in MoMA’s Sculpture Garden with Michel Groisman. Photos by Sarah Kennedy We are entering the fourth week of MoMA Studio: Breathe with Me and want to share some of the highlights of the artist-led workshops that have activated the space so far. Each one revealed the ways in which Lygia Clark’s work continues to resonate with contemporary artists and their hopes to engage the public in experiences Read more [...]

50 Best European Academy Prospects Now Playing for Their First Team

There just aren't enough one-club wonders out there anymore, are there? We celebrate those who stay loyal because it's such a rarity, with money, agents and wage packets controlling most players' futures in 2014. With that in mind, we've constructed a list of 50 players still playing for the club they were with when they were 16 years of age and ranked them according to how good they were at their peak value. That means Steven Gerrard is graded at his barnstorming best, Iker Casillas at his Read more [...]