Internet providers ordered to stop hiding the true size of monthly bills

New rules for home Internet providers and wireless carriers require them to be truthful about how much their service actually costs. As part of the transparency requirements in the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality order, Internet providers have to clearly detail all charges, such as modem rental and installation fees, and disclose the full monthly price that will go into effect after any promotional pricing expires. The new disclosure rule is more specific than a previous one, Read more [...]

Lance Armstrong Ordered To Repay $10 Million Of Prior Winnings: What Are The Tax Consequences?

Earlier today, disgraced cyclist and alleged horrible driver Lance Armstrong was ordered by a Texas arbitration panel to repay $ 10 million of the $ 15 million Armstrong previously received from Dallas-based insurance company SCA Promotions. Back in the early 2000's, when Armstrong was enjoying an EPO-fueled stranglehold over the rest of the EPO-fueled [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

France Ordered New Trains That Are Too Big For Hundreds Of Its Stations

Legend has it that the reason Russian Tsar Nicholas I installed railroad tracks wider than the international standard of the 1840s was to ward off foreign invasion. For a generation that watched Moscow burn as Napoleon marched through the motherland, it would have made sense to prevent by any means a similar campaign from ever occurring again.   Today, we learned that France has now done a version of the same thing — except this time it was not at all according to plan.   France's Read more [...]

Sweeping review ordered for Pentagon’s troubled nuclear force

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel summons commanders for a meeting amid claims of cheating and drug use by missile-launch officers. WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a sweeping review of the Pentagon's troubled nuclear weapons force and summoned commanders for a face-to-face meeting amid an investigation into cheating and drug use by missile-launch officers, officials said Thursday. Nation - Read more [...]