Jennifer Lopez & Michelle Obama Pose for Selfie during LULAC National Convention

Celebrating her ethnic community, Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Michelle Obama at the League of Latin American Citizens annual convention earlier this week. The “First Love” singer dressed to impress for the event held at Manhattan’s Hilton hotel as she introduced the First Lady who gave the keynote address. “There are still too many young people in this country who aren’t getting the education they need,” Obama said during her LULAC speech. “Too many young people in the Latino community Read more [...]

Obama to visit Texas, meet with Gov. Perry amid border crisis

President Obama is expected to visit here Wednesday for the first time since the immigration crisis has intensified along the Rio Grande Valley, meeting with Gov. Rick Perry, and local and religious leaders who are seeking speedy aid to deal with an overwhelming influx of immigrant children.  
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Like Reagan, Obama Is Prisoner of Foreign Policy

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling If denying reality to preserve a certain view of the world always leads to disastrous consequences, so does trying to remake reality through a mistaken foreign policy, namely preemptive wars, military occupations and hypocritical activities. Even now as those on the right condemn President Barack Obama for negotiating with the Taliban to help win release of Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier captured in Afghanistan, some calling for his impeachment, those Read more [...]

Obama Seeks $1 Billion To Boost U.S. Military Presence In Europe

President Obama said today [Tuesday] that he wants to boost the U.S. military presence in Europe amid simmering tensions with Russia over its actions in Ukraine. “Today I’m announcing a new initiative to bolster the security of our NATO allies here in Europe,” he said in Warsaw, Poland,… – Photown News

Obama Doctrine: From Containment to Consensus

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Born to a Russian peasant family, Mikhail Gorbachev never forgot where he came from. Neither did he try and justify what happened to his grandfather who was arrested, interrogated and sent to a work camp under Stalin's regime. With great political caution and economic patience, he waited until he became general secretary and Soviet leader to initiate reforms. By installing his own people in key government and party positions, including promoting an environment Read more [...]

Obama to target power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions

CHICAGO — On Monday, President Obama plans to unveil what is likely to be the most significant initiative of his presidency to combat climate change: a new rule to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, the country’s single greatest source of the heat-trapping gas.
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Obama delays deportation review, putting immigration onus on GOP

The White House’s surprise decision Wednesday to delay a review of deportations once again revived the immigration debate, shifting focus away from President Obama — who has increasingly come under fire from immigrant advocates as the “deporter in chief” — and throwing the issue back into the…
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