Congress passes one-week Homeland Security funding bill, Obama signs it

Congress approved a stopgap measure late Friday to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded for another week — averting a crisis just before money was set to run out at midnight, but setting up a new standoff as conservatives press their fight over President Obama’s immigration…
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President Obama wants broad effort to prevent spread of extremist ideas

President Obama is expected to call Wednesday for a broader international effort to prevent alienated young people from taking up terrorist causes, as the White House looks to craft a message that will prevent so-called foreign fighters from flocking to the Islamic State, as well as homegrown…
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Obama answers immigration ruling with vow to fight courts and Congress

The Obama administration promised Tuesday to fight against opposition from both the courts and Congress to keep in place its expansive new programs to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, a key piece of the president’s effort to shape his legacy in his final years in office.
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President Barack Obama: Traitor to His Command?

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling. This President's Day it is highly unlikely that Barack Obama will be remembered alongside George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But sometime in the future, he might be eulogized with the likes of Franklin Roosevelt. Not in the same way, however, as a great wartime leader and commander-in-chief, which had actually defined George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's presidency too. Nor will Barack Obama be remembered as a "traitor to his class" as was Read more [...]

President Obama: No Oil and Gas Drilling in Bristol Bay

When President Obama announced earlier this week that Alaska’s Bristol Bay region would be off limits to future offshore oil and gas exploration, the news was greeted with cheers from the fishermen, Native groups, and conservationists who have spent years fighting to protect the Bay and its legendary salmon run from development. Surprisingly, the anti-drilling measure received little criticism in the oil-reliant state. The president, who delivered the news himself via YouTube, seemed upbeat Read more [...]

Putin accuses Obama of hostility, meddling

Moscow (AFP) - President Vladimir Putin accused US counterpart Barack Obama of a hostile attitude towards Russia, warning against "attempts to blackmail" Moscow.Speaking ahead of his visit to EU aspirant Serbia on Thursday and key talks with EU leaders on Friday, Putin minced no words, demanding that Washington take Moscow's interests into account.In some of his most combative comments on US-Russia ties yet, the Kremlin strongman took issue with Obama's speech at the United Nations General Assembly Read more [...]

Obama Asks Allies For Campaign Against ISIS

The United States has called on several countries to join a widened assault on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Heleme Cooper and Mark Landler The New York Times reports. Administration officials told the Times that the White House has begun enlisting "allies and neighbors in the region to increase their support for Syria’s moderate opposition and, in some cases, to provide support for possible American military operations. The countries likely to be enlisted include Australia, Britain, Jordan, Read more [...]