Netflix Just Totally Owned Apple Watch Fanboys

Netflix has “unveiled” a new, brick-sized wrist watch that “isn’t THAT inconvenient” for watching movies and shows from your wrist. The mock advertisement was conveniently timed to poke fun at the Apple Watch, which kicked off with a rush of pre-orders on Friday. But with high demand pushing wait times for the device well into the summer, it looks like Apple will have the last laugh. TIME Read more [...]

Go, Go Gadget! Netflix Plans Reboots of Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse

Inspector Gadget is heading to Netflix. The streaming service announced Thursday that it is expanding its kids' programming slate with five new shows, including reboots of Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse. The Inspector Gadget remake has already aired in Europe and will premiere in the United States ... Read More > Other Links From Inspector Gadget Danger Mouse Gadget - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]

Netflix, call your lawyers: FCC is ready for interconnection complaints

When Netflix launched a public relations war to claim it was being fleeced by Comcast and other Internet service providers, the company didn't have much recourse outside the court of public opinion. But with yesterday's Federal Communications Commission vote to regulate broadband providers as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act, that's about to change. Instead of just writing a check to obtain direct connections to the networks of retail broadband providers, Netflix can complain Read more [...]

AT&T and Verizon finally giving customers decent Netflix quality

Months after Comcast upgraded its subscribers' Netflix performance, AT&T and Verizon have finally followed suit. The average Netflix stream on Verizon FiOS hit 2.41Mbps in August, up from 1.61Mbps in July, Netflix said today in its monthly speed test update. AT&T's U-verse service offered average Netflix performance of 2.61Mbps in August, up from 1.44Mbps in July. Netflix recommends 5Mbps for high-definition quality, but there is a lot of lower quality Netflix content that requires less Read more [...]

Netflix waves to HBO as it inches past in quarterly revenue

Above: The new Netflix logo.Image Credit: Logo via Netflix, background by Eric BlattbergWhen the history of video programmers is written, today may be a key date. It’s the day when Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings posted on Facebook that his company squeaked past the legendary HBO in subscription revenue. Above: Netflix’s Reed Hastings tweaks HBO on FacebookImage Credit: Facebook The current tally: Netflix’s $ 1.146 billion to HBO’s $ 1.141 billion, as Netflix was boosted Read more [...]

Netflix refuses to comply with Verizon’s “cease and desist” demands

Yuri Victor Netflix said Monday it will not stop telling consumers that Internet service providers are to blame for poor streaming video. Last week, Verizon sent a cease and desist letter to Netflix threatening a lawsuit unless Netflix immediately stops sending notices to customers (like the one at the top of this story) blaming Verizon for poor quality. Verizon also demanded a list of all customers who received such messages and evidence that each message was Read more [...]

Netflix users on Verizon and AT&T get raw deal, have little reason for hope

Faster than streaming on Verizon and AT&T. Kristin "Why is Netflix so unreliable?" That's one of the most common questions asked by Internet users today. But that question gets asked by customers of some Internet service providers (ISPs) a lot more than customers of others. Netflix's February rankings show that Google Fiber's average Netflix speed of 3.74Mbps was more than twice as high as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon, which are the first, second, and fourth biggest broadband Read more [...]