Apple could sell 1 million watches opening weekend, and barely move the needle on Apple’s revenue (AAPL)

Apple will sell over one million Apple Watches over the opening weekend, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. By way of comparison, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold over 10 million units in their first three days on the market last September, Apple says. Here's his reasoning:  1 million total Watch units in opening weekend would imply an attach rate of less than 1% of total iPhone users (close to half a percent). We believe given interest in the product and our prior survey work, a sub Read more [...]

Lakers Eliminated from Playoff Contention at Earliest Point Since Move to L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention on Tuesday, even before their game against the Detroit Pistons had ended. SportsCenter reported the news and added the historical significance of the team's depths of despair experienced this season: It's not as though anyone in Laker land was holding out hope for the postseason in the stacked Western Conference. However, this is just a grim reminder of where the proud L.A. franchise is. Zach Harper of reacted to the news, Read more [...]

Creative Appropriation: The Smallest Move Is Often the Hardest

On Saturday, November 22, MoMA presents the one-day studio course Creative Appropriation with Artist Michael Mandiberg. Below, the artist discusses his work and some of the issues around appropriation. Much of my work appropriates other images, text, and objects. Appropriation is a way to experiment with images and objects by shifting the context around them, and reframe their meaning in the process. An image has a certain meaning, given its place in popular culture, the news, etc., but when it is Read more [...]

Why Apple Pay May Be the Company’s Most Challenging Move Yet

Our smartphones have already become our de facto camera, music player, navigational device and personal assistant. Now Silicon Valley wants to make them our wallet, too. Several tech firms have spent the last few years trying to convince consumers their phone is a more convenient payment method than cash or plastic. Most shoppers have balked. But on Monday, Apple is entering the fray, and experts say that could be a turning point for the long-hyped mobile payments industry. Apple’s service, Read more [...]

Microsoft Might Be About To Make A Giant Move Into Android Phone Software (MSFT)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has met with the founders of open source Android software company Cyanogen, The Information reports, citing a source who had been briefed by Microsoft. Cyanogen is the company behind the somewhat popular CyanogenMod software for Android phones. The open-source modification replaces the Android operating system with a range of extra features and customization options. At the moment, this type of operating system is of primary interest to geeks interested in open-source Read more [...]

Reds’ Billy Hamilton Uses Hesitation Move to Avoid Tag, Arrive at First on Bunt

"And that's an easy play...oh, he missed him!"  The play-by-play announcer says it all, as Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton pulled off one of the most elusive moves of the season to avoid a tag from Pittsburgh's Gaby Sanchez and get on first.  With what appeared to be an easy out coming, Hamilton did a full hesitation move to avoid the tag and dive for first base.  [MLB] Bleacher Report - Front Page Read more [...]

Arsenal Transfer News: Mario Balotelli Inquiry Made, Italy Striker Keen on Move

Mario Balotelli could soon be tearing through Premier League defences once more, as reports link Arsenal with a move for the striker who put England to the sword during Italy's recent World Cup win. As reported by Sami Mokbel of the Daily Mail, Balotelli is proving to be a tempting prospect for Arsene Wenger: Arsenal have intensified their interest in AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli. The Italy international features highly on Arsene Wenger's shopping list as the manager looks to sign a new central Read more [...]