Monuments of Aristocratic Might and Lower-Class Deaths

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Washington DC has again become a monument of aristocratic might and lower-class deaths. But since too much knowledge and reality ignites insurrection, the recent political self-immolation in front of the U.S. Capitol building must be depoliticized. Also, the seat of a superpower, with all of its trappings of an imperial city and military hubris, must frame the gyrocopter dissenter landing on the west lawn in a threatening and national security narrative. Read more [...]

House pushes to limit president’s right to designate monuments

The GOP-led vote highlights differences with President Obama, who has used his power 10 times to name or enlarge the protected areas, most recently expanding the California Coastal National Monument. WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled House voted Wednesday to scale back the president's authority to establish national monuments, seeking changes to a century-old law that critics say has put wide swaths of the West off-limits to activities such as logging, grazing and mining. Nation - Read more [...]

Members’ perk: See George Clooney’s new ‘The Monuments Men’ Feb. 5

Did you love the documentary The Rape of Europa, about the Nazis’ systematic theft and destruction of Europe’s art treasures—and the subsequent miraculous recovery of the priceless works? Apparently George Clooney did, because he made a feature film based on a slice of that story—The Monuments Men. Honolulu Museum of Art members are invited to a complimentary, first-look screening of The Monuments Men on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 7pm at Consolidated Ward 16. RSVP by Jan. 31 to moc.liamgnull@ihpvsr Read more [...]