Monuments of Aristocratic Might and Lower-Class Deaths

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Washington DC has again become a monument of aristocratic might and lower-class deaths. But since too much knowledge and reality ignites insurrection, the recent political self-immolation in front of the U.S. Capitol building must be depoliticized. Also, the seat of a superpower, with all of its trappings of an imperial city and military hubris, must frame the gyrocopter dissenter landing on the west lawn in a threatening and national security narrative. Read more [...]

HP’s Split: Why PCs And Printers Might Be The Better Of Two Bad Bets

Big can be bad. That's my conclusion from the recent corporate decisions by former Bain consultants HP's Meg Whitman and eBay's John Donahoe -- to break up the legacy tech conglomerates they run. It's a classic MBA move -- not what you'd expect from a technology innovator. There is a curious logic to the idea [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Microsoft Might Be About To Make A Giant Move Into Android Phone Software (MSFT)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has met with the founders of open source Android software company Cyanogen, The Information reports, citing a source who had been briefed by Microsoft. Cyanogen is the company behind the somewhat popular CyanogenMod software for Android phones. The open-source modification replaces the Android operating system with a range of extra features and customization options. At the moment, this type of operating system is of primary interest to geeks interested in open-source Read more [...]

Burger King Might Be About to Become a Canadian Company

Burger King may soon announce a whopper of a deal aimed at lowering its taxes by moving the 60-year-old company’s base outside the U.S., according to a new report. Citing unnamed sources, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Burger King Worldwide Inc. was “in talks” to buy Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons. The move would allow the hamburger establishment to reincorporate in Canada. Though legal, the practice known as tax inversion has been criticized in some government circles Read more [...]

Early warning might have prevented New York blast, officials say

The death toll of the explosion in East Harlem reaches eight as the search for survivors continues. Officials have found no indication of earlier reports of a gas smell. NEW YORK — The caller who reported a gas smell minutes before a deadly explosion that destroyed two Manhattan buildings had noticed the same odor the night before but did not report it at the time, officials said Thursday, indicating the catastrophe could have been averted if utility crews had been alerted earlier. Nation - Read more [...]

Why NBC’s New Bill Cosby Show Might Not Solve Its Sitcom Problems

While NBC has rebounded a bit in the ratings lately, thanks to The Voice and The Blacklist, as recently as this month network head Robert Greenblatt conceded it’s still having big trouble with its sitcoms. But its philosophy seems to be that there’s nothing wrong with NBC that can’t be solved by what was right with NBC—in around 1984. This season, it gave beloved past star Michael J. Fox an extraordinary full-season commitment for what turned out to be a bland sitcom with anemic ratings. Read more [...]

It’s National Bow Tie Day, So You Might As Well Learn How To Tie One

It's Business Insider Read more [...]