Channing Tatum lost his backpack and Twitter found it

It all started when  actor Channing Tatum tweeted to his over seven million followers that he had accidentally left his backpack in a cab in NYC: Dropped off at 42nd street in New York City and left my bag in the cab! — Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) April 18, 2015 He even set up an email address dedicated to getting the bag back. Seriously, left my black backpack in a cab near NYC's 42nd street. If you find it, email me at Thanks! — Channing Tatum Read more [...]

Italy searches for 700 migrants lost at sea north of Libya

Emergency services mounted a major search and rescue operation Sunday north of Libya after a ship containing hundreds of migrants trying to reach Italy capsized in the Mediterranean. Italy's ANSA news agency said an estimated 700 people were aboard and only 28 people had been rescued. Barbara Molinario, spokeswoman... - Photown News Read more [...]

Lost and found: toys, tears and the Thames

Janina Parol, Assistant Treasure Registrar, and Dora Thornton, Curator of Renaissance Europe, British Museum If you walk by the north bank of the Thames when the tide is low you will spot mudlarks searching for finds, even when it is windy, raining and freezing. You might think they are crazy, but you will certainly be curious to know what they have found – if they are prepared to get that muddy and wet there must be a reason. Mudlarks can spend hours waiting to catch the right tide, but for the Read more [...]

The Recession’s Lost Generation Of Homeowners Isn’t Millennials — It’s The Middle-Aged

Though the published homeownership rate for young adults is still falling, true homeownership among young adults started rising in 2013. Adjusted for longer-term demographic shifts, young-adult homeownership is now at pre-bubble levels, but middle-aged homeownership is lagging. The latest Census data shows homeownership is still falling for young adults, and the [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

With sour 2015 forecast, Sony will have lost nearly $10B over 8 years

xsix We knew things were bad at Sony, but we didn’t know they were this bad. In its latest earnings report, the company announced Wednesday that it had sustained a net loss of $ 1.246 billion during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. Last fiscal year, Sony managed to profit $ 435 million, its first profit in years—it has missed profits in six of the last seven years. In the same earnings report, the once-giant of Japanese electronics predicted a $ 491 million Read more [...]

Nigeria’s lost girls and the dark heart of Boko Haram

The townspeople first learnt Boko Haram was coming when a police van sped in and told everyone to run. Those living there knew the authorities would not help them. Police officers were already removing their uniforms as they knew they would otherwise be shot. This, however, was not the Nigerian town of Chibok last month when members of the militant Islamic group seized at least 276 girls from a government-run school. Nor was it Waraba, the village where eight more were taken last week. It was Gombe, Read more [...]

Armenian ‘genocide’: Turkey has lost the battle of truth

"In actuality, how Turks and Armenians, as the owners of this common history, can together, through dialogue and empathy, reach a just memory of the tragic events of 1915, which occurred during the great human sufferings of World War I, is already being examined thoroughly and in all its dimensions. In this context, our proposal to establish a Joint Historical Commission, also reflected in the Turkish-Armenian Protocols, remains on the agenda." The quotation is from the Turkish Foreign Ministry's Read more [...]