Tough Talks On Greek Debt As D-Day Looms

20 February 2015, 1:54 Tough Talks On Greek Debt As D-Day Looms Tweet These could well prove the most important few days in the euro's existence. In the corridors and meeting rooms of the Justus Lipsus building in Brussels, Greece and its euro counterparts have been charged with discussing how to keep the struggling nation in the single currency. Their chances of success seem to be flagging. Quite how we got here is a complicated story - it involves political and economic mistakes, financial jiggery-pokery, Read more [...]

BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Investors Fretting Over Monetary Policy as End of U.S. QE Looms

Dateline City: NEW YORK Risk Appetite Declines in Response Concerns over the imminent end of quantitative easing in the U.S. have left investors much less confident in the outlook for the global economy and corporate profitability, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for October. After a sharp fall of Read more [...]

Business Live: Pound hits highest level in nearly five years; geopolitics looms over markets

The prospect of an early interest rate rise has pushed sterling over the $ 1.70 mark

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Afghan preliminary election results due as run-off looms

Abdullah secured 43.8 per cent of the vote, with his main rival Ashraf Ghani on 32.9 per cent, after four-fifths of ballots were counted, Afghanistan is set to announce preliminary presidential election results on Saturday, with former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah ahead in early counting but below the 50-per cent vote required to avoid a run-off. Abdullah secured 43.8 per cent of the vote, with his main rival... - Photown News Read more [...]

Deadline looms in Flight 370 ‘black box’ search

PERTH, Australia — Search teams racing against time to find the flight recorders from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet crisscrossed another patch of the Indian Ocean on Saturday, four weeks to the day after the airliner vanished. A multinational team is desperately trying to find debris floating in the water or faint sound signals from the recorders that could lead them to the aircraft and help unravel the mystery of its fate. Finding floating wreckage is key to narrowing the search area, Read more [...]

Huge security as Afghan presidential election looms

There is a huge security operation in Afghanistan as presidential candidates prepare for Saturday's vote. The new president will succeed Hamid Karzai, who has been in power since the 2001 fall of the Taliban but is constitutionally barred from seeking a third consecutive term. It should be the first time that power is democratically transferred. But pitfalls lie ahead, especially the threat of Taliban violence as Nato prepares to withdraw later this year. Fraud fears Security has been tightened Read more [...]

Syria stalls as chemical weapons deadline looms

The deadline is looming for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to sacrifice his complete chemical arsenal - and it looks increasingly likely he will miss it. One thousand three hundred tonnes of chemicals are supposed to be shipped out of the country by 5 February, but it is another deadline that will slip by with no significant movement on the Syrian side. According to the US, just a tiny fraction - estimated at less than 5% - has been handed over. President Assad has been accused of playing Read more [...]