Obama answers immigration ruling with vow to fight courts and Congress

The Obama administration promised Tuesday to fight against opposition from both the courts and Congress to keep in place its expansive new programs to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, a key piece of the president’s effort to shape his legacy in his final years in office.
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Biden heading to Central America to address child immigration wave

The White House is expanding a public campaign aimed at dispelling rumors in the U.S. and Latin America about its rules regarding deportation of young immigrants — part of an effort to slow the rising number of minors crossing into the U.S. without parents or guardians.
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Obama delays deportation review, putting immigration onus on GOP

The White House’s surprise decision Wednesday to delay a review of deportations once again revived the immigration debate, shifting focus away from President Obama — who has increasingly come under fire from immigrant advocates as the “deporter in chief” — and throwing the issue back into the…
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Catholic leaders hold Mass at border to urge immigration overhaul

A bilingual Mass at the border fence between Arizona and Mexico is held in memory of those who entered the U.S. illegally and died crossing the brutal desert.

NOGALES, Ariz. — It had been years since Maria Miranda of Tucson attended Catholic Mass with her son Jorge Lopez.
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Harsh immigration realities set in for many ‘dreamers’

Deferred deportations and work permits granted under an Obama program don't always result in better jobs or higher pay. Lack of education or work experience is a big hurdle. WASHINGTON — Working as a Jack in the Box cashier, Marissa Cruz Santos breathed a sigh of relief last year when she qualified for an Obama administration program that defers deportation of young immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Republicans draft plan for immigration reform

The blueprint would offer legal status to immigrants, but its opponents criticize its lack of a special pathway to citizenship.CAMBRIDGE, Md. — A Republican blueprint for immigration reform offers legalization for some of the nation's 11 million people who are in the country illegally, but no special pathway to citizenship except in the cases of children brought here by their parents, according to a draft presented Thursday to lawmakers by party leadership. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

House Republicans consider their own immigration plan

At a three-day Republican retreat this week, House Speaker John A. Boehner will issue proposals including a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally. WASHINGTON — In a potential breakthrough for long-stalled immigration legislation, House Republicans will consider a proposal this week that would allow millions of immigrants in the country illegally to gain legal status and, in some cases, to eventually become citizens. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]