Here’s Your First Look at the Resurrected Lincoln Continental

Ford Motor Co is resurrecting the Lincoln Continental as its top-of-the line luxury sedan, betting that the classic name will help rebuild the brand’s image in the United States and China. Ford’s Lincoln will unveil a prototype of the future Continental sedan on Monday ahead of the April 3-12 New York auto show, which will also feature many of the Continental’s future rivals, including the Cadillac CT6 sedan from General Motors Co, a new Jaguar XF sedan from Jaguar Land Rover and Read more [...]

Ellen Pao could take the stand today in her suit against Kleiner Perkins — here’s what she’ll probably talk about

Ellen Pao could take the stand as early as Thursday in her gender discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins, where she used to be a junior partner. Pao is seeking $ 16 million from Kleiner, alleging she was retaliated against after having an affair with another partner. She also claims Kleiner failed to prevent discrimination from occurring at the firm. Kleiner Perkins has denied Pao's allegations. Lynn Hermle, its lead attorney, has repeatedly emphasized that Pao didn't have the necessary skills Read more [...]

Here’s How Unlikely It Is the IRS Will Actually Audit You

Here’s something the IRS probably doesn’t want you to know: Our entire tax code mostly works on the honor system. The much-feared agency only audited 0.86% of individual tax returns in 2014, the lowest percentage since 2004, Bloomberg reports. Among households with incomes greater than $ 1 million, 7.5% were audited. The auditing rate is falling because the IRS is bleeding employees. By 2014, the number of revenue agents had declined 16% from its 2010 peak, to 11,629. It’s a trend Read more [...]

Your customers are already mobile-first: Here’s how to convert them now

GUEST:Mollie Spilman, Chief Revenue Officer at Criteo, will be speaking at one of Mobile Summit’s fireside sessions. Taking place February 23 and 24, Mobile Summit is limited to 180 senior-level execs who tackle the most urgent mobile issues facing them in 2015. It’s not too late to apply for one of the remaining seats. In 2015, mobile won’t just be a component of your digital strategy — it will be your digital strategy. Consumers are turning to their mobile devices Read more [...]

Here’s Why American Sniper Doesn’t Show Chris Kyle’s Death

The filmmakers behind American Sniper left out Chris Kyle‘s violent murder at the end of the blockbuster movie for the sake of his two kids, says screenwriter Jason Hall. “A lot of people have asked me, ‘Why don’t we see Chris get killed?'” Hall told PEOPLE while promoting the film last month. “It’s a fair question, but this was about Chris’s life, and it was also a movie that involves his kids.” Still, he and the film’s other collaborators Read more [...]

Record High Stocks, Capital Gains And College Aid: Here’s What To Do

If you sell that record high stock will you ruin your child's financial aid for college? With stocks at record highs, investors with children in, or approaching college, need to understand the impact that selling appreciated stocks has on their taxes and their child's college aid eligibility. Here's how to know whether you should sell or not, and when to do it. Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Here’s another Comcast cancellation horror story, with video evidence

This story will sound familiar, but it's not a repeat. A month after AOL's Ryan Block posted an audio recording of a Comcast cancellation call that even a Comcast executive called "painful to listen to," another customer has posted a video showing how difficult it was for him to cancel service.  Aaron Spain: Comcast put me on hold until they closed. Chicago resident Aaron Spain explained in the video Monday that he was on hold for more than three hours, showing the time of the call on his phone Read more [...]