Have You Heard The One About The Tax Credit That You Pay To The IRS?

Let's be clear: Congress deserves much of the scorn heaped upon it for its gross mismanagement of the tax law. No greater example of its negligence need be given than the fact that sometime this week, 55 provisions of the law that expired on January 1, 2014 will be retroactively extended....through [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Four Species of Homo You’ve Never Heard Of, Part II

The Broken Hill Skull (replica shown) was originally designated Homo rhodesiensis. Today, it’s typically considered a member of the species Homo heidelbergensis. Image: Gerbil/Wikicommons The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins Initiative counts seven species as belonging to the genus Homo. But that’s just a fraction of all the species that scientists have proposed for our genus. Over the years, as researchers have realized fossils from different groupings actually come from Read more [...]