These Are the Most Expensive Graduate Degrees in America

Facing declining application rates and a fast-changing media environment, Columbia University is shrinking its journalism school by cutting staff and reducing class sizes. But the program’s total cost — $ 92,933 — doesn’t seem to be downsizing any time soon. Overall, grad school prices in the U.S. have been rising for decades with no ceiling in sight. The rising costs force a perennial question: are graduate degrees actually worth the money? The job market has become increasingly Read more [...]

Honeywell Helps Coe College Graduate To Next Level Of Sustainability

Honeywell launched a campus-wide energy retrofit project for Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that is expected to decrease the college’s electricity use by 25 percent and natural gas consumption by almost 50 percent, and deliver approximately $ 220,000 in guaranteed energy and operational savings each year. The project also aims to reduce the environmental impact of the 20-building campus, trimming close to 2,300 metric tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions — equivalent to removing Read more [...]