Gadget Ogling: Falling Apples and Magical Pancakes

Apple dropped a few new facts about its Watch at this week's presentation. The hardware is interesting in that Apple is limiting what people can do with their 8 GB of storage. No more than a quarter of that can be filed with music, and photos can take up just 75 MB, which seems somewhat rudimentary. I'm glad to see the battery apparently lasts enough to see out a full day. Gadget - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]

Southampton Players Give Ice Hockey a Go, Cue Lots of Falling over

Southampton FC are enjoying a fantastic season in the Premier League so their mid-season trip to Switzerland is richly deserved.  However, it is a good thing they are good a football because an alternative career in ice hockey most certainly does not await.  The team swapped their boots for skates in Switzerland and the hilarious results were put up on YouTube by the club.  We've seen Premier League players fall to the ground with nobody near them before, but this is just ridiculous!  Read more [...]

The downside of New York’s fracking ban: local businesses ‘falling apart’

Landowners in state’s Southern Tier region who hoped to reap financial benefits of gas production voice displeasure with ‘emotional, not technical’ decisionWhile environmental groups are doing a victory dance over New York’s decision to ban fracking, farmers such as apple grower David Johnson are grieving for dashed hopes and dreams.“I’m devastated,” Johnson said after governor Andrew Cuomo’s health and environmental commissioners announced on Wednesday that they were recommending Read more [...]

The Weekend Is Over And Stocks Are Falling

The weekend is over and stocks are falling. U.S. futures were down nearly 0.2%, as was Japan's Nikkei and New Zealand's 50 Gross index. This is a major week in U.S. economic data, as we'll get both the latest GDP reading and celebrate Jobs Day Friday. High Frequency Economics chief U.S. economist Jim O'Sullivan is feeling okay about what we'll learn this week: We have been writing about a “tale of two recoveries,” referring to significant labor market improvement even as GDP has Read more [...]

Is Amazon Stock A Falling Knife?

Amazon missed its numbers and its stock fell about 8% in January 31 early trading. But it looks to me like that drop is a buying opportunity. Especially since the miss has spurred Amazon to begin what investors have long expected — the use of its market power to raise prices.
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Sofia Vergara Falls Victim to Costars After Falling Asleep

She’s been working hard on a special episode of “Modern Family” in Las Vegas, and it seems Sofia Vergara hasn’t been getting enough sleep. When the curvaceous Columbian conked out at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino over the weekend, her prankster costars made the most of the opportunity. Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen all took turns taking pictures with snoring Sofia, who had placed a napkin over her face for some shut-eye. After the Read more [...]

Hamas and Iran rebuild ties three years after falling out over Syria

News that high-level contacts between Palestinian party and Tehran have resumed is likely to dismay Israel and US Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, based in Qatar, met representatives from Tehran in Ankara and Doha in recent months, and may visit Tehran in the coming months. Photograph: Mohammed Saber/EPA A rapprochement between Hamas and the Iranian regime is under way almost three years after a breach over the Palestinian party's refusal to back the Syrian government Read more [...]