Bank of America Merrill Lynch Study Finds Employers Offering Financial Wellness Programs Becoming the New Normal

Dateline City: NEW YORK Sense of Responsibility for Employees’ Financial Well-being Driving Companies to Broaden Financial Educational Offering and Increase Accessibility The vast majority of companies (83 percent) today feel a sense of responsibility for the financial wellness of their employees, impacting the benefits, resources Read more [...]

Leaving academia? How to sell yourself to new employers

If you fancy your chances at working in the private sector, here are some expert tips on how to translate your academic skillsThe key to convincing prospective employers, and yourself, that you have the skills they require is to put yourself in their shoes. You need to consider their needs and respond appropriately. Remember that most employers of people with doctorates are based outside academia and are unlikely to be familiar with the arcane language and styles that are used to produce a thesis. Read more [...]