By 2017, Norway wants to be the first country to ditch FM radio entirely

This week, Norway's Ministry of Culture announced its plans to transition completely towards digital radio and turn off FM radio nationwide, according to an English report from (the original announcement in Norwegian can be found here). The switch-off is scheduled to begin in January 2017, and it would make Norway the first country in the world to "decide upon an analogue switch-off for all major radio channels," according to the announcement. "This is an important day for everyone Read more [...]

Why You Should Ditch the New Year’s Resolution

President Obama knows the secret to getting fit. It won him the 2012 election, and it’s called behavioral science, a blend of behavioral economics, social psychology, and cognitive psychology that explores how we make decisions. In Obama’s case, researchers used it to identify two things the president needed to portray to win over voters—competence and warmth—and to mobilize them in the first place. As the New York Times explains, simply “identifying a person as a voter, Read more [...]

Kendall Jenner Reportedly Getting Ready to Ditch Last Name to Save High Fashion Career

Continuing to explore the town, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin stepped out together in New York City on Friday afternoon (August 29). The gorgeous gals locked arms as they strolled through the Soho district donning fashion-forward ensembles and attempting to go unnoticed by the surrounding crowds. In related news, Miss Jenner is reportedly looking to drop her last name in order to ensure a long and healthy modeling career. After scoring a number of major gigs, including a spot in Vogue’s Read more [...]

Ten reasons we should ditch university lectures

Students have just one chance to hear a lecture - and mostly it's just someone reading their notes aloud"Intelligent people leave their brains behind when it comes to technology," says Diana Laurillard, professor of learning with digital technologies at the Institute of Education.I would say that very intelligent academics and researchers leave their brains behind when defending what has become a lazy and damaging pedagogy the face-to-face lecture. Continue reading... Technology | The Read more [...]