After conviction, many court cases left for Aaron Hernandez (Yahoo Sports)

Even after he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, former New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez is nowhere near done with his legal troubles. He still faces double murder charges in Boston, as well as civil lawsuits over the killings and a lawsuit in Florida from a former friend who said he was shot in the face and left for dead after arguing with Hernandez. A jury on Wednesday found Hernandez guilty of the June 2013 killing of Odin Read more [...]

Louis C.K. Loses Court Battle With Union Over Pension Plans

The joke may be on comedian Louis C.K. this time around. A judge in New York federal court on Thursday told Louis C.K.’s production company, Pig Newton Inc., that it owed unpaid contributions to union-affiliated benefit plans for the star’s work editing his Louie series on FX. Louis C.K., a celebrity comedian, who’s real name is Louis Szekely, is Pig Newton’s sole owner, and the company employs him and Louie’s cast and crew under a collective bargaining agreements with Read more [...]

Will a German Civil Lawsuit Destroy the World’s Doping Court?

Not all doping cases end when athletes test positive. In contentious disputes, athletes often appear before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the Supreme Court of the international sports world. The CAS, established in 1983, handles some 300 cases per year, including high-profile hearings in Olympic sports like cycling and track and field. Alberto Contador, Veronica Campbell-Brown, and Asafa Powell have all appealed doping suspensions to the CAS within the past several years. But now Read more [...]

US supreme court agrees to hear new challenge to Obama’s healthcare law

Justices say they will decide whether law allows key subsidies provision of the presidents signature healthcare lawScott Lemieux: nothing will stop Obamacare truthersThe US supreme court has agreed to hear a new challenge to the Affordable Care Act that, if successful, could threaten the viability of President Obamas landmark healthcare reforms two years after the justices narrowly upheld the heart of the law. The case centers on federal tax subsidies designed to make healthcare affordable for millions Read more [...]

Kansas Supreme Court: FedEx Ground Drivers Not Contractors

A major labor class action lawsuit targeting FedEx Ground just cleared a major hurdle. The Kansas Supreme Court just ruled that Kansas drivers for the service had been employees, not independent contractors as FedEx claimed, as the published decision says. The result will have a major impact on a set [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Tax Court: Anxiety, Depression Are Not Physical Injuries

If you’ve ever experienced an anxiety attack, you know that it sure feels like your body is experiencing a physical trauma. The night my first kid was born, there was a lull in the labor when, shortly after my wife got her epidural, she fell asleep for a few hours. […]
Forbes – Personal Finance

Abortion foes get up close and personal after court erases buffer zones

The two women climb out of the car in front of Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Avenue and Eleanor McCullen reaches them in two quick steps. She tries to hand them a white rose and a pamphlet about alternatives to abortion, and beseeches them to let her help.
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