Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez Should Not Be Considered Player of the Year Material

Alexis Sanchez isn’t your archetypal Arsenal player. Sure, the Chilean is technically adept and dynamic on the ball, but while the Gunners are comprised of considered football-thinkers, Sanchez is restless and instinctive, at times irrepressible.  More than any other player to have arrived at the Emirates Stadium in recent years, Sanchez has changed Arsenal. They are a different team with the Chilean included, and he deserves a significant share of the credit for how the Gunners’ Read more [...]

Social Security Q&A: Will Sequencing Benefits Be Considered Aggressive and So Be Penalized?

Social Security may be your largest or one of your largest assets. How you manage it, by deciding which benefits to collect and when, can make an absolutely huge difference to your lifetime benefits. And those with the highest past covered earnings have the most to gain from maximizing their [...] Forbes - Personal Finance Read more [...]

Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky

Scientists backed by the government and Bill Gates are studying schemes such as sunlight-blocking particles and giant carbon vacuums to halt climate change. WASHINGTON — As international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions stall, schemes to slow global warming using fantastical technologies once dismissed as a sideshow are getting serious consideration in Washington. Nation - Read more [...]

Edward Snowden leaks: NSA amnesty ‘considered’

A top National Security Agency official says it is considering offering an amnesty to fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden if he agrees to stop leaking secret documents. The man in charge of assessing the leaks' damage, Richard Ledgett, said he could be open to an amnesty deal. Disclosures by the fugitive intelligence analyst have... - Photown News Read more [...]