Twitter, Yelp, eBay CEOs Speak Out Against Religious Freedom Bills

Executives at several large technology companies are banding together in opposition to a controversial new religious freedom law in Indiana and a similar bill in Arkansas that critics say could open the door for businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers. “Religious freedom, inclusion, and diversity can co-exist and everyone including LGBT people and people of faith should be protected under their states’ civil rights laws,” reads the joint statement signed by Twitter CEO Read more [...]

Dave Cote Listed on Barron’s List of Top 30 CEOs for Third Consecutive Year

Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote once again appears on Barron’s annual list of the world’s best CEOs, his third consecutive year on the list.   Barron’s cites Cote’s transformation of Honeywell as the reason for his inclusion on the list, crediting him with redefining how to manage an industrial company.  The list notes Cote’s efforts to enhance employee relations through the creation of a One Honeywell culture, the terrific financial performance of the Read more [...]

9 Outrageous Things CEOs Said And Later Regretted

Whenever you hear or read anything from a CEO, chances are that it went through many stages of filtering to match a specific message. Companies spend lots of money to train their executives how to deal with the media and what not to say in public. But sometimes, on stage or on social media, these execs go too far off script, sending their PR teams scrambling to craft a response to the backlash.  We compiled a list of the most infamous CEO gaffes and the apologies they issued after telling us Read more [...]