Testing of software adds to urgency in race for driverless cars

In the race to build a self-driving car, German automakers are hitting a road block in their efforts to test vehicles so complex they need more than 10 times the amount of software found in a fighter jet. German laws currently place limits on testing on public roads. Automakers fear this is allowing U.S. competitor Google to pull ahead in developing software, specifically progammes that will ... Software - Yahoo News Search Results Read more [...]

Trains and Cars: A Gallery Tour with The Forever Now artist Joe Bradley

In conjunction with the exhibition The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World, we invited several artists from the show to walk us through MoMA’s permanent collection galleries and discuss a few artworks. Revisiting key pieces in the Museum’s collection with these artists has truly given me a fresh perspective on the works themselves and their significance today. (Be sure to catch the first of these gallery tours as well.) In our second installment of this series, we visited Read more [...]

Self-Driving Cars Are the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Cyclists

I’d made the turn when a push from behind momentarily sped my bike up, then the front wheel twisted and the bike fell, sending me over the handlebars. It’s a terrifying feeling, getting thrown from your bike, and there’s a moment in mid-air when you accept that you’re going down. I caught myself with my hands, skinning my palms, elbow, and knees, then looked back at the mid-1980s dilapidated station wagon that hit me. The damage ended up being only a bent wheel, some blood Read more [...]

5 Cars To Watch At The 2014 New York Auto Show

With the Geneva and Detroit auto shows in the rear-view mirror, car aficionados are turning their attention to the New York International Auto Show, opening Friday. From Toyota’s completely redesigned new Camry, the best-selling car in the U.S. for the last 12 consecutive years, to the Corvette Z06 convertible, let’s take a look at five models that are rolling into the five boroughs this week. The New York Auto Show 2014 takes place from Friday, April 18th through Sunday, April Read more [...]

Shock lingers after car’s deadly ride at South by Southwest festival

Two people are killed and 23 injured in Austin, Texas. The suspect, Rashad Charjuan Owens, an aspiring music producer, faces two counts of capital murder. AUSTIN, Texas — Rashad Charjuan Owens was a music producer with hopes of stardom. He lived in Killeen, Texas, about 70 miles from this city's famed South by Southwest Conference, the annual festival where the worlds of music, film and technology blur. Nation - latimes.com Read more [...]

Tesla Station to Bring Electric Cars to Wyoming

(LUSK, Wyo.) — In the least populated county in the least populated state, old Ford and Chevy pickup trucks roam — and rule — the roads. Finding a Tesla, the sleek and pricey all-electric car, around these ranching towns is about as likely as spotting the mythical jackalope. And yet, one day last month, a Model S sedan pulled quietly in at the America’s Best Value Inn Covered Wagon Motel in Lusk, population 1,557. Its mission was to plug in four gleaming white Supercharger units the company Read more [...]