President Obama wants broad effort to prevent spread of extremist ideas

President Obama is expected to call Wednesday for a broader international effort to prevent alienated young people from taking up terrorist causes, as the White House looks to craft a message that will prevent so-called foreign fighters from flocking to the Islamic State, as well as homegrown…
Nation – Los Angeles Times

Two Broke Girls: The Income-Inequality Comedy of Broad City

Since FX premiered Louis CK’s groundbreaking comedy in 2011, people have asked, why hasn’t TV made more shows like Louie? The simple answer is because the world doesn’t make more Louis CKs: utility artists who can write, direct, produce, edit, and shoot a series all on a shoestring budget in exchange for creative freedom. But in a more general sense, there’s every opportunity for cable channels to make more shows in the spirit of Louie: small-bore, tight-focus comedies that reflect the first-person Read more [...]