President Obama: No Oil and Gas Drilling in Bristol Bay

When President Obama announced earlier this week that Alaska’s Bristol Bay region would be off limits to future offshore oil and gas exploration, the news was greeted with cheers from the fishermen, Native groups, and conservationists who have spent years fighting to protect the Bay and its legendary salmon run from development. Surprisingly, the anti-drilling measure received little criticism in the oil-reliant state. The president, who delivered the news himself via YouTube, seemed upbeat Read more [...]

The Insanely Subtle Beauty of Bristol Bay

The beauty of set net-fishing is that the work is simple, hands on. There are no hydraulics or fancy electronics. We set out in small skiffs manned by two or three people and pull nets by hand. We carefully place every Sockeye salmon in the brailer bags on board. For six weeks every summer, Bristol Bay is our home and our paradise away from the bustle of the lower 48 states. As a photographer and fisherman, I love capturing these uncomplicated moments on the water. Here Conor Kelly and Marty Read more [...]

EPA urges protection for Bristol Bay, putting new Alaska mine at risk

The Environmental Protection Agency finds the proposed Pebble Mine would have detrimental effect on Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed and salmon fisheries. SEATTLE — The Environmental Protection Agency took the first step Friday toward possibly halting construction of the largest open-pit mine in North America, declaring that Alaska's Bristol Bay — home to the most productive sockeye salmon fishery on Earth — must be protected. Nation - Read more [...]