Ronda Rousey on ‘Good Morning America’: Biggest Takeaways from Interview

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey appeared on Thursday's Good Morning America for an interview with host Robin Roberts. She talked about the state of MMA in New York and some misconceptions about the sport.   Karim Zidan of Bloody Elbow passed along comments from Rousey about New York not allowing professional MMA events, including the UFC, to take place. She discussed the safety issues involved with the current approach taken by the state [sic]: MMA isn't actually banned. It Read more [...]

Coach of NCAA Tournament’s biggest Cinderella gave an amazing post-game speech after crushing loss

Georgia State became the darlings of this year's NCAA Tournament when the 14-seed upset 3rd-seed Baylor while being led by a coach with a torn Achilles tendon and his son whose shooting will eventually lead him to the NBA. However, Georgia State's Cinderella run came to an end in the round-of-32 with a tough loss to Xavier. After the game, coach Ron Hunter gave a great post-game speech about why his kids should be proud and why it was, in his words, "the greatest week of his life." "Nobody expected Read more [...]

Frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo Facing Biggest Challenge of His Real Madrid Career

Those closest to Cristiano Ronaldo will tell you that when he is playing badly you don’t have to let him know, because no one knows it better than the player himself. His manner and body language for a number of days after a defeat and/or a bad performance are such that the potential consequences of the mere mentioning of it are such that it is a subject of conversation given a very wide berth. While it may indeed be "bad form" to discuss it at the home of Cristiano, a home that is invariably Read more [...]

Pablo Sandoval Will Be Red Sox’s Biggest Winter Addition, Belly and All

Hey, Boston Red Sox fans: To borrow from The Hollies, he ain't heavy, he's your Panda. You've seen the picture by now, and the accompanying tweet by's Steve Silva. Or, in case you haven't: Silva later claimed his intent was merely to "poke a little fun" at the Red Sox's new $ 95 million third baseman and that he had no idea "what a big deal it would become on the World Wide Web and beyond." Cough. Really, this is nothing new. Worries about Sandoval's weight have dogged him since he broke Read more [...]

Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack Has Biggest Debut Since 2009

Considering that Christian Grey claims to exercise control in all things, it’s safe to say he’d be more than happy with Fifty Shades of Grey’s release. After controlling the box office in its opening week, the film’s soundtrack has now gone on to make a statement of its own. According to Billboard, the film’s official soundtrack came in at No. 2 on the latest Billboard 200, selling 258,000 units. And with 210,000 of those units being traditional album sales, it marks Read more [...]

NFL Predictions Week 12: Forecasting Biggest Inter-Conference Clashes

The 2014 NFL season is beginning to reach the critical stage of the regular season. Most teams in contention for the playoffs have six games left, which means a poor three- or four-game stretch could make the difference between going to the postseason and sitting at home come January. By now, the teams with real playoff aspirations have by and large completely distanced themselves completely from the hunt, which makes this week's slate of games somewhat underwhelming. On paper, the majority of the Read more [...]

The ‘Great Stagnation’ Is Europe’s Biggest Fear Again

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Scotland's rejection of independence and a lack of any fireworks at a Fed meeting last week have calmed investors enough to shift the focus back to what some call the "Great Stagnation," and how to avoid it. The Group of 20 leading nations, meeting at the weekend, said they were tantalizingly close to adding an extra $ 2 trillion to the global economy and creating millions of new jobs. But Europe's extended stagnation remains a major stumbling block and some big emerging Read more [...]