Ballin’ on a Prayer: How an Ex-Div I Walk-on Became the NBA’s Go-to Confidant

It's a recent Saturday afternoon at New York City's Chelsea Piers sports complex. A pickup game of locally-born basketball notables is in session, and a 36-year-old Virginia Beach native named Carl Lentz is the loudest motivator on the court. "Great pass, great shot P.J.!" Lentz yells to P.J. Davis, who played at Hofstra University with former NBA player Speedy Claxton. "Great shot, let's get back on D!" he tells his teammates that include NYC streetball legend Adris "2 Hard 2 Guard" DeLeon. "Good Read more [...]

How U.S. Soccer Star Tobin Heath Became Team Leader

If the U.S. women’s national soccer team were a train, Tobin Heath would be its engine. In October, the midfielder scored two goals in the team’s 5-0 victory over Guatemala. The performance helped the team qualify for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, to be held in Canada next summer. Standout performances like that have earned Heath the trust and respect of her teammates. But as the 26-year-old tells us, she’s still getting used to her role as a team leader. A soccer phenom Read more [...]

Pabst Blue Ribbon Just Became “Pabst Blue Russian”

Late Thursday, Oasis Beverages, a Russian-based brewer and distributor, announced that it was purchasing the entire portfolio of Pabst Blue Ribbon products—including PBR. In a prepared news release, Eugene Kashper, the founder and chairman of Oasis Beverages said, “Pabst Blue Ribbon is the quintessential American brand—it represents individualism, egalitarianism, and freedom of expression—all the things that make this country great.”  Pabst Blue Ribbon will Read more [...]

A tribute in lights that became a tradition

An electrician turned a 57-story building into a giant message board for the city. With his passing, colleagues find a fitting way to honor him. Fourteen years ago, a Chicagoan named Walter Payton died too young. An electrician decided to use the windows of a downtown building as an overnight memorial, lighting up Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower with the "34" the beloved Bears running back wore on his jersey. Nation - Read more [...]