The Best Thru-Hikes for 2015 (That Aren’t the PCT)

If you’re thinking about tackling the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails this year, you might want to revise your plans. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy, which monitors the AT, is expecting record numbers of thru-hikers this year, thanks to the popularity of movies featuring thru-hikes, like Wild and the upcoming film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s popular 1998 book, A Walk in the Woods, about two middle-age men hiking the AT. The Pacific Crest Trail Association already Read more [...]

No, All Energy Drinks Aren’t Sports Drinks

Ever chug a can of let’s say, Brand E, energy drink and not only feel that good-as-advertised jolt of extraness but experience a skip or two in your chest as well? Even though most of the evidence is anecdotal and the studies—which continue to pile up—don’t yet know exactly why, the link between energy drinks and a racing heart (or worse) seem pretty incontrovertible. The latest report to make this connection concluded that energy drinks can cause “angina, cardiac arrhythmia Read more [...]

BASE Jumpers Aren’t (All) Crazy

Crazy Adrenaline Junkie. I heard this label a lot as a bomb technician returning from Iraq, and movies like The Hurt Locker only reinforce the stereotype. It is dangerous work, true, but the characterization is generally unfair, especially compared to the exploits in Matt Higgins’ new book, Bird Dream. Next to BASE jumping and wingsuit piloting, bomb defusing work can look as risky as knitting. Bird Dream is about the techniques and history and tragedies of the sport, culminating with the Read more [...]

10 Great Books That Aren’t on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (Yet!)

Amazon announced Friday its new Kindle Unlimited service, which allows customers to read an unlimited number of e-books for $ 9.99 per month. Essentially, Kindle Unlimited is to books as Netflix is to movies. It’s a potentially a game-changing new platform, could be deeply disruptive to the publishing industry, and will likely divide authors in the same way that music streaming divided musicians. Although there are 600,000 e-book titles to read via Kindle Unlimited, there are still a vast Read more [...]

Those Planes Aren’t the Problem

By now, you've likely seen the photos. On the afternoon of July 3, a train paralleling Montana’s Clark Fork River derailed at Atherton Gorge, sending payloads of soybeans, denatured alcohol (not for drinking, this is the stuff used in fuel), and Boeing plane parts into the water—and into view of stunned outdoor enthusiasts. While photographs of the failure made waves in international news, the accident was actually more spectacle than disaster. “Since the denatured alcohol and Read more [...]