Bank of America Launches Down Payment Resource Center to Help Prospective Buyers Find Programs to Help Achieve Homeownership

Dateline City: CHARLOTTE, N.C. The Bank of America Down Payment Resource Center Gives Consumers Access to a Searchable Database of Over 1,000 Local and National Assistance Programs in Time for Spring Homebuying Season Bank of America announced the launch of its new web-based tool to guide consumers to down payment and closing cost assistance Read more [...]

To achieve peace in Syria, better start in Aleppo not Geneva

"What can we do? Obama is addicted to Geneva!", one DC insider said. He seemed truly exhausted by the presidential elusiveness on Syria. During my recent trip to Washington, he was not even the most dispirited person I met. Everybody, with a vague understanding of Middle Eastern affairs, looked appalled by the way this US administration was getting itself trapped in the Geneva vicious circle. And dragging the Syrian opposition mercilessly into this quagmire. Seen from the White House, Geneva Read more [...]