What Astana’s License Approval Tells Us About Pro Cycling

After a week of speculation that cycling's international governing body, the UCI, would prevent Astana—the team of Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali—from getting a license to race the sport's top circuit, the impossible happened. Despite its well-publicized doping problems (including five positive tests in recent months), the team was granted a 2015 WorldTour license. The reaction was quick and largely uniform: dislike. Other than a few scattered voices—including Read more [...]

Matthew McConaughey Opens Up about Father’s Death

He’s accomplished so much in his 45 years on the earth and Matthew McConaughey is sitting pretty on the cover of People magazine. The “Lincoln Lawyer” hunk tells the publication that one of the most formative moments of his life occurred when his father Jim passed away in 1992. Matthew explains, "A boy loses his father, he quickly becomes a man. I was 22. I remember clearly the sobriety I felt in the pain of my father passing. The sorrow refined me, and I never looked at the world the same Read more [...]

Consumers Beware: The Truth About Life Insurance, Annuities And College Financial Aid

There’s a time and a place for most things, but stashing the money from your child’s savings account, or your own, into an annuity is often not advisable, especially when: 1) there are limited other sources of funds to pay the family’s share of college costs, 2) there are other ways to soundly reduce the impact on aid eligibility, 3) it doesn’t work at colleges that require the CSS Profile form in addition to the FAFSA, and 4) not knowing what form of aid, if any, the student will receive Read more [...]

The Ugly Truth About Airline Prices

If you heard recently that the best day to buy airline tickets is a Sunday, close to 57 days before the flight, you were misinformed. That tidbit came from an Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) study based on data from hundreds of millions of round-trip ticket purchases between January 2013 and July 2014. What followed in the media was a series of doubtful interpretations masking an ugly truth: it keep getting more expensive to fly, no matter when you purchase your ticket. Notably, the statistics Read more [...]

Success Tips: Talking To Impaired Aging Parents About Giving Up Financial Control

When an aging parent shows signs of cognitive decline, it may be up to you, the adult child, to take protective action. You need legal permission, in the form of a Durable Power of Attorney, but you also need a strategy about how to approach your aging parent. Show your respect for how difficult it is to give up control. Choose the right time and place, free of outside stresses to begin the conversation. Expect resistance, but gently push on. Memory loss in an aging parent means vulnerability Read more [...]

Ansel Elgort Strips Down for Hero Magazine & Chats About Rise to the Top

He’s a breakout star after his captivating role in “The Fault in Our Stars,” and now Ansel Elgort is stripping down (literally) to chat about his successful year. The 20-year-old struck a few shirtless poses for Hero Magazine’s Issue12 and chatted about his role in the teen-centered flick and working with Adam Sandler in “Men, Women & Children.” “I couldn't be happier about being known for The Fault in Our Stars," Ansel explained. "I'm lucky because a lot of people get known Read more [...]

Ada Lovelace Day: how much do you know about women in science? quiz

To mark Ada Lovelace Day, a celebration of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem), find out how much you know about women's scientific achievements and the barriers they face Why women leave academia Inspiring women in science and technology your pictures Women's career progression: three myths Continue reading... Technology | The Guardian Read more [...]