By 2017, Norway wants to be the first country to ditch FM radio entirely

This week, Norway's Ministry of Culture announced its plans to transition completely towards digital radio and turn off FM radio nationwide, according to an English report from (the original announcement in Norwegian can be found here). The switch-off is scheduled to begin in January 2017, and it would make Norway the first country in the world to "decide upon an analogue switch-off for all major radio channels," according to the announcement. "This is an important day for everyone Read more [...]

Consumers allowed to keep substandard health plans into 2017

The Obama administration changes an Affordable Care Act rule to allow people with insurance policies that don't meet the law's requirements to keep them three years longer than originally planned. WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced Wednesday that some Americans with health insurance policies that don't meet consumer standards set by the president's new healthcare law would be allowed to keep their plans into 2017, three years later than originally envisioned. Nation - Read more [...]

Mobile gaming could drive entire game industry to $100B in revenue by 2017

Digi-Capital The potential acquirers in the game business. Mobile gaming is growing so fast that it is expanding the traditional games industry far beyond its old borders. Tim Merel, managing director of game investment bank, issued a report today that predicts mobile games could drive the whole game software industry’s revenues to $ 100 billion by 2017. He said the mobile and online game sectors could grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.6 percent to $ 60 billion by 2017. Digi-Capital Game Read more [...]