Yahoo Sets Its Sights on Polyvore

Anyone who loves fashion, creativity and a sense of community probably knows about Polyvore. I’ve made several of my own collages through its program, such as styles I’m coveting for spring or fall, a wish list for my new apartment and, most importantly, holiday shopping lists.

Polyvore brings 350 retailers together in one convenient place and allows users to curate and create a collage through an easy-to-use search function. Once you’ve created a collage of items you want to buy (or hope someone else will buy for you), you can share it to social media or on your website with provided html tags. The collage also includes direct links to retailers for each item, making shopping incredibly easy. The website also creates a community among its fashion-focused members, as they inspire each other and drive sales to retailers. The average basket size from Polyvore to a retailer is about $338.

Because of its position in the e-commerce market, the seven-year-old company announced this week that it will be acquired by Yahoo. With this acquisition, Yahoo hopes to enhance its consumer and advertiser offerings by utilizing Polyvore’s platform of combined community and commerce. Polyvore already dominates social, mobile and native content, so Yahoo hopes the company will accelerate its own growth in those arenas.

“I’m delighted to join Yahoo. Our core mission of empowering people to feel good about their style will remain the same, but with Yahoo’s help we’ll be able to make Polyvore even bigger and better for our user community,” says Jess Lee, co-founder and CEO of Polyvore.

Polyvore assures its users that this acquisition will only bring only positive changes for its users, allowing it to expand its resources. With Yahoo’s assistance, it plans to add new product features for everyone and new perks for its top members.

“Polyvore has built an excellent team, a category-leading product and a strong business based on a highly engaged community,” Yahoo’s SVP of Publisher Products, Simon Khalaf says. “The combination of Yahoo’s industry-leading digital content with Polyvore’s expertise in community and commerce has outstanding potential. We are thrilled to have the Polyvore team join us.”

While both assures its users that nothing will change, I wonder if there will be a period of growing pains. When Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013, there was an enormous outcry from its users because they thought their content would be controlled and limited. (It didn’t really, as far as I can tell as a regular Tumblr user.) Polyvore provides a much different type of content, so I tend to believe the usability and overall function of the site will remain unchanged and that this acquisition will only be for the better.


By Stephanie Crets

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